10 Must-Read Blogs On Dental Practice Management

10 Must Follow Blogs Dentists

Top 10 blogs every dental practice should subscribe to:

  • Carestack
  • The Dental Geek
  • Ask the Dentist
  • Go Ask Fred
  • American Student Dental Association
  • My Dental CMO
  • Oral Health Foundation
  • The Dawson Academy
  • My Life as a Dental Hygienist
  • Open Dental Blog

Dentists need to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends, technology, news in the industry, simply because the industry is an extremely competitive one and being on top of latest marketing, growth channels is extremely important. But it can be a daunting task trying to identify sources for quality content, especially when there is so much literature out there. With this thought in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 blogs all dentists should subscribe to, in order to keep themselves updated and ahead of the curve.  Being from the marketing background ourselves, we’ve carefully ranked these blogs from a long list of 100+ blogs on various criteria like: Quality of information, Topics covered and reviews from others.

Carestack: The Carestack blog helps you learn about the impact of cloud-based practice management systems for growing dental groups and how to choose the best technology partner for dental practices through its blog. Subscribe to learn more about dental practice management software and best practices for your dental practice.

The Dental Geek: The Dental Geek is a perfect place where you can read about, learn and communicate openly on unique, insightful, and sometimes controversial topics in the field of dentistry. The Dental Geek blog was launched in 2009 by a group of healthcare marketing specialists who are and have been engrained, for several years, in dentistry.

Ask the Dentist: Ask the dentist blog tries to bring practical and science based dental health advice. The aim of the blog is to help simplify complex dental information to make it easy for people to follow actionable dental information and improve their oral health.

Go Ask Fred: Go Ask Fred is a series of marketing, advertising and practice management articles by Dr. Fred, based on his years of experience in the dental industry. The blog also consists of short videos that answer specific questions about dental marketing and advertising.

American Student Dental Association: ASDA Blog is the official blog of the American Student Dental Association, a national student-run organization. ASDA’s publications are dedicated to sharing the dental-student narrative and addressing their holistic needs as they prepare to enter the workforce as dental professionals.

My Dental CMO: MyDental CMO covers a variety of dental marketing avenues, but focusing particularly on social media strategies. That said, the basics of self-promotion cover far more than other blogs. Unique to MyDental CMO is its coverage of online metrics calculation. Today, digital marketing relies upon real-time monitoring—which many of the site’s posts cover.

Oral Health Foundation: The Oral health foundation is a great place to learn and follow about industry in general and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings. Content is available both in blog and vlog format. Recommended read if you want to keep yourself ahead of the curve in the industry.

The Dawson Academy Blog: Follow the Dawson Academy blog to learn more about Occlusion, Centric Relation, Restorative Dentistry and more. In addition to free resources like blogs, the academy also offers online courses, both paid and free that include but not limited to practice management, implants and more

My Life as a Dental Hygienist: In this blog, Jenn—a dental hygienist and mom of three—shares valuable advice, contemplates life’s interesting moments and shares a few hilarious anecdotes. The sidebars have useful dental hygiene information that’s worth reading and sharing, and the main posts treat everything from information about dental school to information on her favorite dental instruments.

Open Dental Blog: Open Dental is an open-source dental practice management software. The blog closely looks at various aspects of a dental practice, which include but not limited to: How to manage day to operations, recurring payments, Setting up and managing multiple locations and patient data. If you are already running you dental practice and looking to learn how you can scale your practice, this is the right blog to subscribe to.

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