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After Call Work

What is after call work and how it can be improved?

What is After-call work? After call work or ACW refers to the work/tasks a call center agent/customer service representative performs after their call with a customer. Most often, if not always after call work involves one of the following tasks: … Read More

patient experience

What is patient experience?

When one hears ‘patient experience’, they automatically think of the experience of the patient  with their doctor. While this criteria,without any doubt, reigns supreme over any,it is surely not the only one which would ensure a holistic patient experience. With … Read More

31 DSO’s to Work for in 2020 💛

Emitrr’s DSO’s to know in 2020 list reveals the 31 young, resilient DSO’s where America’s dental graduates should want to work now.   2020 has been a year of upheaval as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, upending both business … Read More

Webchat vs SMS Texting

Live Chat vs Web Chatbot vs SMS Chatbot

In 2020, almost every business needs a chat solution on their website. It’s almost like your website visitors expect it. If they don’t see it, they don’t know where to get answers to their queries. A website can never answer … Read More

Dental Receptionist Checklist

Dental Receptionist Checklist

For many (as patients), visiting a dentist can be a nightmare. As a patient, you have no option as you are in pain but you also know that things are not any better at the dental practice. Therefore, it is … Read More

Dental Consent Forms

All You Need to Know About Dental Treatment Consent

All dental practices need to know about dental consent forms: dental treatment consent. Oral surgery consent, denture consent form, implant consent forms … Read More