20 Women Leaders In Eye Care

Top 20 Women Leaders in Eyecare

Women have been increasingly filling up the Optometry College Seats, accounting for about 50% of the total student enrollment. However, there has been a significant gap in the percentage of women taking up leadership positions in the field. We at Emitrr have compiled a list of women leaders in Eyecare who are paving the way for the future generation of Optometry graduates. 

This list has been compiled using web research by Emitrr

Laura Rod – Vice President of Marketing, Acuity Eye Group. Alma Mater: Ohio University.

Karen Spencer – Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Eye Consultants. Alma Mater: University of North Caroline.

Tami Burke – Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Virginia Eye Consultants. Alma Mater: University of Southern Maine.

Holly Wildman – Director of Quality Operations, Clemson Eye. Alma Mater: Tennessee Technological University

Sharon Brown – Director of Operations, Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston.

Chelsea Kleen – Center Director, Omni Eye Services. Alma Mater: The College Of New Jersey 

Betsee May – Director of Integration & Procurement, Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. 

Stefanie Matthews – Scheduling Dept Supervisor, Spokane Eye Clinic. 

Michelle Edwards – Physician Liaison/Marketing, Louisiana Eye & Laser Center. Alma Mater: University Of Nevada.
Candice Davis – Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management, EyeSouth Partners. Alma Mater: North Carolina Wesleyan College
Elizabeth Passmore – Director Of Revenue Cycle and Business Services, Spokane Eye Clinic. 
Alma Mater: Whitworth University,
Esther Moore – Retail Operations Manager, EyeCare Associates, Inc. 
Jocelyn Mylott – Director of Optical Operations, D’Ambrosio Eye Care, Inc. 
Karen Maxwell – Vice President of Human Resources, Cincinnati Eye Institute. Alma Mater: University of Wisconsin.
Noha Abdalla – EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, MyEyeDr. Alma Mater: Georgetown University.
Kimberly Bartels – Vp Of Operations, Vance Thompson Vision. Alma Mater: University of Sioux Falls.
Danna Thomas – Director of Marketing and Events, The Retina Group of Washington. Alma Mater: University of Baltimore.
Janna Mullaney – Chief Operations Officer, Katzen Eye Group. 
Danielle Hollingshead –  Executive Director, SouthEast Eye Specialists.
Christine Maripuri – Doctor of Optometry, Tallman Eye Associates. Alma Mater: New England College of Optometry

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