Alexa for Saas

There is one thing that every marketer wants — identify and leverage a marketing channel before competitors come in. Well, the same is true for B2B marketers as well. Whether you make B2B software, hardware or sell services to other companies, you are going to find this article useful. Since I have had a little experience working in a Saas environment, I am going to talk about how your Saas should leverage Alexa for marketing. Yes, you read that right — Alexa is the channel you should be on top of if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

You probably didn’t know that you need a marketing strategy for Alexa and unlike paid search ads on Google, advertisers currently cannot purchase real estate for voice search ads. Well, then what does it leave marketers with? The answer is Alexa Skills.

If you do not know what is an Alexa Skill, you can read about it in detail here, but in short, Alexa is just like me and you and has skills with which it can perform certain tasks. e.g. A skill to answer your questions about the weather, about traffic or ordering a pizza for you and many other things. Keeping the current state of technology in mind below is a quick list of ideas for how B2B or Saas companies can leverage Alexa

Engaging Your Audience Through Content Marketing

The biggest challenge for marketers is not content creation but content distribution and identifying new and engaging channels. Alexa is the new channel that you can use for content marketing. How?

If you’re creating content through your a blog, whitepapers, or any other form of content then creating an Alexa Skill is a platform to explore; this becomes a lot easier when you’re already creating audio content, but you can always use platforms like Emitrr to publish your content in any format on Alexa. This means your audience can now listen to your blogs, reports or podcasts or just their summary on Alexa. People who enable your skill are the people who you can reach out to as in a way they are showing interest in your content — similar to a content download on your website but with a difference in the channel.


Are you a sales leader or a CEO and the sales CRM is new to you? Worry not, just get Alexa to help. With Alexa, you can now link your Salesforce account and get information through voice.

You could ask Alexa for things like how many opportunities a sales rep has created? Which geo has the largest revenue? How many leads are in an open state or anything that you could think of, as long as the data is available in your CRM’s data table.

Marketing Automation

With more and more automation platforms seeing value in Alexa, you will be able to integrate your marketing automation platform with Alexa. Constant Contact, an email marketing tool has a skill to be on top of campaign metrics by telling users how their email marketing was performing. Isn’t’ this super cool?

Side note: If you are a marketing automation platform: You could integrate your marketing automation platform with Alexa and create skills for your users by using Emitrr. Reach out to us on: and we’ll try to integrate with your platform to help your customers.

It is still early days for voice with most companies learning about voice and identifying what should they build. But the key for marketers is to stay on top of this trend and make the most of it. You can check out the Alexa Blog to be up to date.

If you’d like to get your Podcast Published on Alexa — try it on

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