Alexa Skills Teardown – Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Alexa Skills Teardown

A look at the application of voice in the laundry and dry cleaning industry

2019 has been the year when Alexa took concrete steps to break out from the hype and found its calling in user engagement, transactions and so on. Today over 100M people in the US own Alexa of which over 2% use it for online shopping, Amazon Alexa is changing the way people consume content, purchase products are simply get answers to their questions.  This article aims at decoding how some of the top laundromats across US are using Amazon Alexa to generate revenue. Below we’ll take a closer look at how these Alexa skills interact with the consumers

Shopping & Ordering Laundry

Laundrylicious:  Laundrylicious is making ordering your laundry even easier. You can do the following with this skill:

Just say ‘Alexa, open laundry licious’ to get started! The skill is currently available only in US and below are the things you can do with the skill

-Place a new order for pickup of your laundry.
-Ask Alexa for your order status.

The skill requires the user to update and give permisison to Laundrylicious for email, mobile number, address, and full name. Laundrylicious uses these details for the pick up and drop off. Once the user has launched the skill, the skill takes the user through the introduction and help text to place an order. User simply needs to say “Place an order” to place an order. This is followed by details like date and time, any special notes and permission for Amazon Pay to process the payments. 

This is how simple it is to place an order. Customers can also track the status of their order by simply saying “Alexa, ask ‘laundry licious’, about the status of my order”.

Spin Cycle Laundry: Spin cycle Laundry offers the same experience as Launndrylicious. You can refer to their skill here.

Want to get your Alexa Skill for letting customers order for Laundry Pickup and drop via Alexa? Reach out to us here.

Smart Home

Laundry NFC: LaundryNFC is a set of NFC tags that you can place on your washer and dryer to help remind you when your laundry is done. You can use Alexa to ask the status of your machines rather than using the LaundryNFC mobile application. 

The Alexa skill allows you to ask questions like, “Alexa, ask LaundryNFC How much time is left on my washer?” or “Ask LaundryNFC How long does my dryer run for?” You can also start your machines if you forget to tap the NFC tags by saying “Alexa, ask LaundryNFC to start my washer”. 

The skill requires user account linking. 

Education & Reference

Tide: Using the Tide Alexa skill you can tackle tough stains and laundry questions. It’s easy! Just ask Alexa and she’ll guide you through step-by-step instructions for your laundry routine. With help from Tide, Alexa can now answer over 200 specific laundry questions.

The Tide Skill can help you: 

– Tackle tough stains
– Understand how to use your machine
– Care for hard-to-wash fabrics

Try asking the Tide Alexa App:

  •  “How do I remove a grass stain?”
  •  “How do I wash jeans?”
  •  “How much detergent should I use?”

The Tide skill is compatible with all Alexa devices and provides image and video content on devices with screens.

Laundry Buddy: This skill provides Alexa the knowledge of how to do your laundry. One can even ask it for laundry tips.

Management & Tracking

Laundry Mate: You dont need smell test anymore as Alexa can tell you when you last washed your jeans.  Tell Alexa to, “tell Laundry mate I washed my jeans December 10th.” Then, months later when you’re deciding between grabbing something clean, or picking your comfortable jeans up from the floor, ask, “Alexa, ask Laundry Mate when’s the last time I washed my jeans?”
Washing your clothes too often ruins them, so you need a Mate to remember when you last cleaned your clothes.  Laundry Mate takes all the guesswork out of figuring out if wearing the same bra for a year without washing it is gross!
Use Laundry Mate to remember the last time you did a variety of chores and tasks:

– washed my running shorts
– washed my ripped black jeans
– dry cleaned my tux
– Alexa Skills Dissection – Laundry Marketcleaned my Chanel bag

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