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10 Tested Dental Marketing Ideas for 2022

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Introduction to marketing in dentistry

Marketing in dentistry has evolved from the banners, billboards, and flyers to undergo some major changes. The scope of dental marketing has moved to the digital space, much like any other. In fact, anyone looking for dentists in their area will look online first. So if their first choice of search is the internet, your dental practice needs to have a strong digital marketing presence. 

Evolution of dental marketing 

Dental marketing has shifted to the digital advertising space in a steady fashion. Dental marketing on digital platforms helps create brand awareness, communicate with potential customers, and expand reach with online marketing options. The blend of external and internal marketing activities will improve opportunities in the dental space. 

Components of marketing in dentistry

For marketing dental practices, it is necessary to keep track of five primary components. These five components are essential for a successful dental marketing plan. 

  • Website 

The basic essential for any online marketing plan is the website. It is helpful for health care professionals to generate new clients from the web. The website is the first point of interaction for any user and hence is the basic component of the dental marketing strategy. 

  • Social Media 

Social media is a wing of dental marketing that can truly make or break your business. Dental clinics need to have a strong social presence to capture potential patient attention. The messaging is what matters the most on social media. 

  • SEO 

SEO is all about sprucing up visibility to ensure your dental practice is found when someone looks online. If Google needs to show your dental practice, you need to use SEO strategies. 

  • Email Marketing 

Email marketing is all about communicating with prospective patients using email. You either send advertisements, communicate regarding appointments, or solicit business. 

  • Reputation Management 

Dental online Reputation management is handling online perceptions and conversations around the brand. It is about managing the brand credibility and reviews online. 

Benefits of dental marketing

Dental marketing will inform patients about the practice. It is possible to increase revenue and gain more clients using digital marketing.

Dental marketing benefits

Digital dental marketing is helpful and essential to spread the word about your dental practice. 

Why dental marketing needs to be different: Trends in Dental Marketing

Dental marketing needs to be different to handle the changing needs of the field. Also, dental clinics come with unique aspects. Patients are ready to spend money on efficient care. You need to translate how transparent and accessible your dental practice is through digital marketing. So, dental marketing needs to be different because: 

  • Patients are looking at Google for dental clinic options 
  • Patients are less ready to tolerate bad experiences 
  • Targeting in the dental space requires the right tools 
  • People will choose the same dental provider if they are happy 
  • Patients want to be educated about new technology in the dental field 

Top 10 ideas for dental marketing 

Marketing dental practices online need to be with a strategy in place. Marketing in dentistry requires a well-designed strategy since dental clinics have unique demands. 

#1: Have a dental marketing digital plan 

To succeed with anything, you need a plan. A dental marketing digital plan needs to be charted to ensure maximum success. The plan needs to include your goals, how many patients you want to ensure get connected to your business, the service of your target audience( general, orthodontics patients, pedodontist, or prosthodontist), and your authority in the space. 

Your plan needs to include your unique selling proposition and the budget for dental marketing. Try to build patient personas and segment them accordingly. What is the distance of their residence from your clinic? Are they working? What insurance do they have? 

Your online marketing for dentists needs to have a stellar plan. 

#2: Leverage the power of SEO for dental marketing 

SEO is the backbone of dental digital marketing. Content needs to be coupled with SEO to maximize brand reach. SEO helps your dental clinic rank high in search results. SEO requires research of the niche, market trends, target audience insights, and more. Dental office marketing is possible if you leverage the power of SEO. 

#3: Create a dental website and blog 

Marketing in dentistry requires a modern website. A website is the first point of contact if a person finds the dental clinic online. Dental websites need to have clear information about the location, features, names of dentists, and more. It is usually the first impression and needs to be user-friendly to a large extent. Dental websites need to include the right content to offer value to readers. A great way to do that is by creating credible blogs to build trust with readers. 

#4: Use reviews to build a brand 

Positive reviews are free marketing, truly. Word of mouth is the best. Patient reviews for dental clinics are important to build trust. Responding to patient reviews is necessary to maintain a reputation and be accountable. Dental clinics should take online reputation management seriously. Dental online reputation management is necessary to ensure patients consider your practice while making a decision. 

#5: Advertise on online platforms and social media

Dental marketing also needs to take paid advertising seriously. It is critical to advertise on Facebook or Google to fix appointments, gain more customers, and boost website traffic. A good ad will help you gain more phone calls and in-house visits. You can spread the word locally about the brand and establish your dental clinic as a name to reckon with. 

#6: Engage with the community 

Another primary idea to improve your dental business is to engage and stay in touch with patients. A dental digital marketing strategy requires that platforms like Facebook and Instagram be leveraged to their full potential. Dental marketing best practices include connecting and engaging with patients to build trust. This improves reputation and boosts credibility in the community. 

#7: Update Google My Business Profile 

If your dental practice does not have a Google My Business page set up, maybe it’s time to set up one. A Google business profile is more than a phonebook listing. It is a digital visiting card for the dental business. You need to optimize your Google My business listing with all the correct information such as name, location, services, timings, and more. 

#8: Utilize chatbots and online booking 

If a patient wants to connect or ask a question online, they need to be able to ask in a simple manner. When a patient is going through your website or social media, they need to be able to book an appointment in a simple fashion. A patient can have many questions, like- 

  • Can I come in on Wednesday for a dental cleaning?
  • How much will Invisalign cost?
  • Is this insurance accepted?
  • I want to book an appointment. 

You can also turn missed calls into leads with a website chatbot with a tool like Emitrr. 

#9: Use retargeting 

Retargeting will be helpful to promote and build brand awareness about a dental practice. Simply put, if your business is running ads, you can reach potential patients if they have seen your social media profiles or website. 

Retargeting is staying on people’s minds by reminding them of your message. 

#10: Add videos to your dental marketing plan 

Videos are a great marketing technique especially in the digital space. Dental practices need to involve videos in their marketing practices. Videos generate 1200% more shared than other forms of content combined. Marketing in dentistry can be improved with a good video strategy. You can share tips on oral hygiene, educate about various dental conditions, and raise awareness on the importance of dental health. 

Patient engagement and its impact on marketing costs

While dental marketing is necessary, it is possible to cut costs by regularly engaging with patients. Patient engagement can help reduce marketing costs and optimize results for health care organizations. Automated reminders, follow-ups, and patient reviews are a critical part of patient engagement. Choosing a patient engagement solution can help move from ‘one measure for all’ to ‘personalization’. Conversely, heightened marketing activities also improve patient engagement. With dental digital marketing strategies and a patient engagement platform, it is possible to make informed decisions, measure them, and evaluate them for improved outcomes. 


Marketing in dentistry in 2022 requires choosing a strategy that works for your dental practice. These dental marketing ideas will help you grow your business, keep and attract more patients, and retain patients. 

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