Everything you need to know about Facebook reviews

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews

Why Facebook Reviews?

Facebook is no longer just a platform to ‘connect people’ . Since the inception of the platform almost 2 decades ago, it has seen a lot of updates and changes. Through these constant changes Facebook has been able to make the platform much more accessible to business owners. For business, it makes communication with their customers very easy. How so?


Unlike other review platforms, where a reviewer would have to create a profile especially to  leave the review, this step is completely eliminated because most of the people already have their personal accounts on Facebook. This makes it easier for businesses to ask for reviews and for the customers to respond to them. 

Facebook ratings and recommendations

One important thing to keep in mind is that Facebook no longer allows for just reviews. Instead the review feature has been changed to recommendations. Also previously Facebook used a star based rating system for its reviews. People could review a business page on a 5 point star based system. This constituted Facebook ratings. Now the ratings are calculated based on the number of recommendations your page gets and the content of the review. 

Since 2018, Facebook has switched to recommendations. Recommendations only use 2 values, yes or no. The user is asked if they would like to recommend a particular business or not. The user is then prompted to elaborate on the reason why they would or wouldn’t make a recommendation.  

The advantage of recommendation over facebook reviews is that it is more clear and concise. It requires that the user makes it clear why they would make a recommendation. In contrast, the earlier star based system did not mandate the user to elaborate on their judgement. 

These recommendations also have a higher reach as compared to the older reviews. This is because now recommendations are frequently shown on people’s timelines. This also results in higher engagement. All in all your brand’s visibility will see a significant increase with the help of recommendations. 

Facebook Review Essentials

How to set up facebook reviews?

If your business page is already set up on Facebook, your next step should be to establish your businesses credibility. There are various ways to do that of course. Starting from putting up relevant content to getting reviews, or now recommendations. 

But before you get to this, you must set up recommendations for your page. Follow these 3 simple steps and recommendations for your page to be ready to go. 

Step 1 :-  Click on ‘settings’ under Manage Page 

How to enable reviews on Facebook

Step 2 :- Click on ‘ Templates and Tabs’ 

How to enable reviews on Facebook

Step 3 : – Under ‘Tabs’ on the right hand side, toggle the Review button ‘on’

How to enable reviews on Facebook

And that’s it! Now your customers can recommend your business and these recommendations will be shown on your page too!

How to respond to facebook reviews?

Now that you’ve set up the reviews you might want to respond to the recommendations that your customers have given you! It’s always a good idea to respond to customer reviews, whether good or bad. This is because when checking for reviews online for a business, new customers often look at how businesses have responded to reviews. It’s set a precedent about how seriously one takes their customers’ opinions and experiences. 

The good news is, since recommendations are now displayed as posts, it also has an option where you can comment on it and respond to it. So it’s pretty much how Facebook posts work. 

Facebook Recommendations
How to remove facebook reviews?

Sometimes customers may leave some negative reviews on your page. How you handle reviews of these kinds would speak volumes about your business. So it’s important that you tread carefully when it comes to them. The first step is to always respond to the review. Apologize to the customer if they had a bad experience. Another way to repair the damage done by the negative review, is to cover up with a lot more positive ones. You can ask your trusted customers to leave a good review. 

That being said, if you still decide that deleting a review is the best option, you can do that too. But it comes with a catch. You cannot just delete one review. If you want the one review to go away you might need to turn off the review feature all together. Refer to the ‘ how to set up reviews’ section to see how you can toggle off the reviews. 

Sometimes it’s possible that the reviews that you receive are fake. In such cases, what you can do is report that recommendation. Facebook wil then review it and take it down accordingly. 

Facebook reviews

How to get more reviews on facebook?

As we have already discussed, a good way to establish your business’s credibility is through reviews. The more recommendations you’ve got for your business the better your reputation online. So what are some ways in which you can get recommendations? 

  • Ask


    The most obvious thing to do. Don’t hesitate to ask your customers for recommendations. Most customers happily oblige to give a review if their experience has been good. Make it easier for them to find your page and leave a recommendation. You can send your customers the direct link to the recommendation. This way all they have to do is click on the link and say if they would recommend your business or not. The easier it is to leave a review the more likely are the customers to do so.

  • Give your customers an incentive


    Another way you can go about gathering reviews is by offering your customers something in return. When they have an incentive to leave a review, they will most likely take up that offer.

    You can ask your customers what mode of communication they prefer and send them the incentivised link for facebook reviews over there. The incentive could be anything, a discount on the next purchase or a coupon, it’s completely up to you! 

  • Embed the facebook reviews to your website

    You can highlight the good reviews on your website. It will help you in 2 ways. First, it will help you establish the legitimacy of your business, Second it will prompt other customers to leave reviews when they see that you highlight relevant reviews on your website. So embedding the facebook reviews on your website can bring more reviews on your facebook business page.


  • Send text messages

    SMS has an open rate of 98%. Yes you read that right! For any campaign that you decide to do, it is a good idea to maintain a communication channel via text. With such a high open rate, you can be assured that your message will be read. Craft a good text message which contains the review link for facebook.

  • Add a Call-to-action (CTA) on your website


    Your customers would most likely be spending time on your website.  So it’s good to have a clear CTA on your website that could lead your customers to the review page on facebook. The simpler you make it for the customers, the more likely they will be to leave a review. 

Benefits of Facebook Reviews

  • Increase Organic Reach

    The good thing about facebook recommendations is that it allows customers to write reviews along with the provision of adding pictures, videos, tags etc. As you may already know, the more the content, the more the reach.
    Another advantage is that with recommendations being very similar to Facebook posts, they can come up on the timelines of the friends of the customers. This also helps increase the reach.
  • Boost Credibility

    Almost 90% of potential customers look up the business online before they decide on closing in on their service. 82% of them will look up for the reviews. Based on the reviews for your business they will make a decision. So even before they visit your business they already know a lot about you.

    Its essential that when these potential customers look up your business they are able to form a credible opinion about you. The most important thing that would support you here is the reviews for your business.

    With Facebook connecting millions of people online, all your customers are probably on Facebook. If your facebook business page contains a good amount of recommendations, it will surely boost your credibility. So when potential customers are looking up for your business online, they will be satisfied with the results. 

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