What to do if you can’t afford a dentist?

What to do if you can't afford a dentist?

Access to good healthcare including dental care should be accessible to every person regardless of their socio-economic standing in the society. Canadians who have dental disorders and need to seek treatment have multiple ways to take care of the cost of the treatment. Individuals may also contact dental clinics to get an estimate about various dental procedures.

To make dental care affordable for all Canadians, the ADA&C brings out a suggestive guide for the fee to be charged by a dental clinic Calgary for various dental procedures. The government of Alberta tries to make dental care accessible by organizing various community dental clinics and runs programs for Albertans.


Many people would be surprised to know that their insurance plan may cover routine dental procedures to major dental procedures which may require multiple sittings. For more details, please contact dental clinic Calgary or your insurance provider. There are multiple insurance companies offering dental insurance to cover various dental procedures. Please do a comparison to see which plan suits your dental health requirements and your budget since some insurance companies have a minimum waiting period before some major procedures are covered. To know more, or to help decide about a policy that suits your requirement please visit a dental clinic in Calgary.

0% Financing

It is advisable to undergo a dental procedure at the earliest and not delay it. Delaying dental procedures may result in further complications thus resulting in an increase in the time taken to treat a dental disorder and an increase in the cost of treatment. Please contact your dentist to see if you qualify for 0% financing. This option can be used to begin treatment as early as possible and can be also used to pay for the portion that their insurance plan does not cover. Further details about this convenient and easy financing option can be obtained at a dental clinic in Calgary.

In House Financing

Certain dental clinics in Calgary do offer in house financing for patients as well. This type of financing is more customized to the line of treatment suggested by the dentist to suit the individual’s budget. This is more accessible and convenient for people as they can begin getting treated quickly without having to worry about upsetting their budget. It is advised to discuss with your dentist before beginning the treatment to see if they offer in-house financing.

Now access to dental care procedures (planned or unplanned) is easier than ever. So, the next time you need to undergo a dental procedure and are concerned about the cost and its impact on your budget please contact a dentist to discuss the available options to cover its cost, so that you can always carry that perfect smile. Please search for the keywords “dental clinic Calgary” to find a dentist who offers various options for financing.

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