Why should dental practices partner with marketing agencies?

Why should dental practices partner with marketing agencies?

Why should dental practices partner with marketing agencies?

It’s no news that acquiring and retaining patients is what keeps the wheels in a healthcare practice moving. The right help sets the wheels in motion and the right help here is nothing other than Marketing Agencies. Healthcare providers need one trusting agency by their side to keep a steady influx of patients in their practice. 

Let’s have a look at some numbers and facts to give us an idea about why healthcare practices need marketing agencies. 

  • It’s known that dentists and healthcare providers at large spend around $1000 to $5000 a month on marketing. But why? 
Why should dental practices partner with marketing agencies?
  • If you look at how much revenue can be generated with each new patient acquired, investing in marketing agencies will make a lot of sense. A good example here is the one by dentistry IQ: “ Suppose you own a general dentistry practice and you want to generate 10 new patients a month, 120 new patients a year. Suppose that each patient is worth $2,500 annually. All in, the new patient flow will generate $300,000 in revenue. Applying the 10% to 12.5% metric suggests a marketing budget of $30,000 to $37,500, which is $2,500 to $3,125 per month.”


  • Another reason for choosing marketing agencies is that nowadays it’s easy for patients to switch practices given the multitude of options they have at their disposal. One way to capture their loyalty is by investing in marketing techniques that would work for your practice. This includes deploying services like Reputation Management, Dental SEO, Google Adwords (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Website Design, etc to name a few. A lot of the marketing agencies out there offer many of these services. 

  • If you are to build an in-house marketing team, it will come with its own set of challenges. A lot of time would be consumed in hiring the perfect candidate. Once hired, considerable time and money would also be invested in training them. Expenses to run the office, including office supplies and online tool subscription will also turn heavy on your pocket. When you outsource all the marketing tasks to an agency that is well-practiced and established in that area, it’s a single cost you have to bear as opposed to what you would have to bear if you built a marketing team. 
Benefits of Marketing Agencies
  • Another thing with marketing agencies is that they are equipped to deal with any stage of a practice’s operation. Whether your practice is just starting out or is at a stage where you are gaining a lot of traction, or if you are not able to bring in new patients like before, marketing agencies know exactly how to play these stages right and bring you results. You can also find agencies with a focus on each of these stages with years of experience by their side.

  • Marketing Agencies bring with them the latest technologies and software that are fit for healthcare marketing services. One such agency, ‘Citryn Marketing’ has been using Emitrr to fulfill their demands for the latest and best in healthcare technology. With the capabilities Citryn was able to improve their clients search ranking and leverage mass texting among many other things. Marketing agencies have access to and are regularly updated about the latest trends in technology that healthcare practices can leverage to their advantage. You can greatly benefit from the extensive network that the marketing agencies run in.

In summary, there are more pros than cons to partnering with a marketing agency. In the end you are guaranteed to generate great results with an increase in the influx of new patients in your practice. We’ve compiled for you a list of Dental Marketing agencies that were able to produce great results for the practices that partnered with them. So in no particular order, these agencies that you need to watch out for are – 


9/10 times your potential patient is going to lookup your practice online and look at your reviews. It's important to build an online presence.

Angela Byrnes - Director of Client Services, Roadside Dental Marketing
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