Animal Wellness Center of OKC saves 10+ hours/month with text message appointment reminders, reducing No Shows by 60%

Animal Wellness Center Of OKC is a veterinary office servicing pet owners in Oklahoma City, OK. Owned by Dr. Bays who loves animals and gives them excellent care. All of the staff hired by Dr. Bays treat the animals with dignity and kindness. Dr. Bays is also a talented surgeon. One of the busiest veterinary practices in the town with over 230 reviews and an average rating of over 4.2.

Overall Results

Animal Wellness Center of OKC saw the following results:


New Reviews Generated with Emitrr



Reminders Sent: 288
Confirmation: 172




August 2021

Products Used


Animal Wellness Center of OKC wanted a way to automate patient reminders and reduce No Shows at the practice. In addition to automating reminders, they wanted to grow their reviews, communicate with patients in a way patients preferred. As a high-touch organization, they needed a platform that could help them with the patient journey end to end, as well as a modern, HIPAA-compliant solution that could reach out to patients via their preferred method –text– and integrate easily with their current tech stack. Prior to working with Emitrr, they had manual processes for reminding patients of their appointments and requesting reviews through a phone call before the appointment.

With Emitrr, they were able to automate 100% of the patient reminders, resulting in 60% reduction in No Shows and saving 10+ man hours/month, resulting in better patient experience.

A few of their Goals with Emitrr included:


Animal Wellness Center implemented Emitrr Interactions in early Aug 2021. One of the biggest challenges with healthcare practices is to manage the high demand of calls. Animal Wellness center wanted to provide another touchpoint for patients to reach out using the methods they prefer, including text and chat in order to reduce calls and handle patients simultaneously. They decided to add on Emitrr’s Interactions product to boost patient communication and to reduce the high volume of calls.

By implementing Emitrr Interactions, the patients can now reach out via chat and text to the office, and dont necessarily need to call/wait on long queues. Because the same team that answers the phones uses Emitrr’s, the platform is a perfect fit for Animal Wellness Center of OKC and they now handle all leads exclusively through Emitrr.

The process is simple: the front desk receives the text messages, webchat messages, missed call messages and they respond to them through a centralized dashboard that integrates with their practice management software. The team can answer questions, send paperwork or make appointments through text. In case a question needs to be forwarded to someone else, the team can do so through conversation assignmentt, thereby keeping the patient journey seamless.


One of their favorite Emitrr capabilities is the text reminders. The text message reminders have really automated and thus saved hours of manual work/month. Animal Wellness Center of OKC used to remind patients of their appointments manually by calling each one of them before their appointment.

With Emitrr, they have not only automated reminders completely but also seen a No Show reduction by 60%. Out of all the patients that are sent reminders, 60% of them confirm via text. To achieve such a high number in such a short period of time, Animal Wellness Center implemented a reminders strategy using Emitrr, below is where and how often they send reminders:


Emitrr also helps Animal Wellness Center of OKC manage their negative reviews conveniently. They now have a platform where they can easily respond to reviews — both positive and negative in a timely fashion and help resolve issues before they escalate.

While many software had bits and pieces of what they wanted, only Emitrr had everything they needed on one platform: Surveys, Reviews, Reporting. They signed up with Emitrr and the platform technicians started sending out review requests after appointments. Since they see a lot of repeat patients, the customization and ability to set thresholds for their repeat clients come in handy. Sending automated review requests and using a single dashboard to select or all contacts with just a click, makes sending review requests an easy process.

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