A reason to Aspire:
Aspire Counselling provides a game-changing patient experience by digitizing the entire patient journey through Emitrr

Aspire Counselling is a top-performing Counselling Group in California, with 7
locations and growing across the state. They are a state-of-the-art, all-digital office
for comprehensive counselling services, including behavioural health, addiction
services and more. The team prides themselves on their ability to make a difference
in the lives of their patients and in the communities they serve.

Overall Results

In just 8 months with Emitrr, Aspire Counselling saw the following results:

3 minute

Average Response Time


Text message conversations


Leads through webchat


Voicemail answered


New reviews




January 2021

Products Used


Aspire Counselling wanted a way to get reviews, communicate with patients and ensure that they were keeping these patients for a lifetime. As a high-touch organization, they needed a platform that could help them with the patien journey end to end, as well as a modern, HIPAA-compliant solution that could reach out to patients via their preferred method –text– and integrate easily with their current tech stack. Prior to working with Emitrr, they had fragmente technology stack that included 3 different solutions for:

  • Reputation and Reviews
  • Phone System
  • Patient Interaction

With Emitrr, they were able to bring all of this to one platform and improve internal operations, resulting in better patient experience.

A few of their Goals with Emitrr included:


Aspire Counselling implemented Emitrr Interactions in September 2020. One of the biggest challenges with many counselling offices is integrating new technology into an existing tech stack and employee processes. Aspire wanted to provide another touchpoint for patients to reach out using the methods they prefer, including text and chat. They decided to add on Emitrr’s Interactions product to boost patient communication.

By implementing Emitrr Interactions, the Patient Contact Center can now reach out via chat and text to both potential and existing patients. Because the same team answers the phones, Emitrr’s ability to convert a webchat or missed voicemail into a text conversation was a perfect fit. Aspire now handles all leads exclusively through Emitrr.

The process is simple: the centralized patient contact center receives the webchat and manages the communications for all the individual offices. The team can answer questions, send paperwork or make appointments through webchat. Automated FAQs automatically answer common questions. In the rare instance where a question needs to be forwarded to someone else, the team can do so through Interactions, thereby keeping the patient journey seamless. Mass texting can be used to send out promotions or special messages to patients. Receptionist can answer missed calls and easily turn a voicemail into a text message.


One of Aspire’s favorite Emitrr products is the surveys. Besides getting reviews, interacting with patients, handling calls and increasing their rating and visibility online, they now also survey their patients to get feedback on things such as wait time, experience with the call center and overall experience. Aspire sends out custom patient surveys to collect feedback. This feedback from surveys has played a critical role in the building the brand they are across 6 of their locations. They are now confident about the service they provide to their patients.

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