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Gone are the times when people had the time and energy to visit the clinic to book appointments or even call for that matter. These days people want to book things on the go. It takes some amount of space to make a call and book an appointment.

The dental market is a costly affair. You spend a lot of funds on getting the leads. That’s exactly why it is important that you have a dental live chat or an SMS chat in place.

Dental live chat and SMS Chat

Dental live chat or SMS chat is an AI bot that communicates with the patients and helps in booking appointments or solving queries. It helps you streamline your day to day activities. Dental or SMS chat is extremely necessary if you are running a dental program. Dental care is more than just procedures and checkups. Your patients need to know that you care about them. Knowing your customers and being accessible to them always shows that you care about them.

What is a Dental Live chat?

A dental live chat is an AI platform that you can use to talk to the customers who visit your website. It greets patients who visit your website and routes them with the help of Artificial intelligence. This gives you the capability to segment patients based on the reason for them visiting your site.

What is an SMS chat?

An SMS Chat also known as two-way texting, is having a robot to human conversation and closing tasks while doing so. Here the robot acts as a virtual team member and helps in answering queries. It automatically sends a message to the patients when they miss a call. This helps the patient’s book appointments or provide additional information to the practitioner.

According to TextRequest, about 277 million people in America use text messages — that’s 80% of the total population. It makes sense to use such a powerful platform to connect with the patients.

What to choose – Dental Live Chat or SMS chat?

A Dental Live Chat and an SMS chat, both serve different audiences.

Let’s say there is a patient who is researching the different facilities available in his/her area. They land on your website. Here, this person is a hot lead. Having a dental live chat is going to help them understand the options that you have, get price quotes, and know more about you in general.

There is less than a 50% chance that this person is going to find your contact and then call you to get additional information. So, seizing the moment and giving them all the information that they need is a wiser option.

Whereas, let us say, a patient wants to book an appointment and calls you. There is an equal chance that you might miss the call. This could be due to obvious reasons such as after work hours or handling multiple patients at the same time.

When they miss the call, it gives them a window to find a different facility to get their work done. Because ultimately the patients want to feel important. The dental industry is huge, there are going to be other units who are going to offer the same exceptional quality that you do. In cases as such integrating an SMS chat helps in quickly reaching out to the patient and helping them with their query.

Benefits of using an SMS Chat:

Real-time communication: You get to chat with the patients who have just called you. This means that they are getting their work done while texting you.
Reach: You are reaching out to the patients who have called you, almost instantly. This increases the trust that they have in you.
Saves time: Since the chat is automated and the templates are already configured, you are saving a lot of time while still responding to your patients.
Cost-effective: The cost of integrating an SMS Chat is still lower than hiring a full-time employee to cover all the shifts.

Emitrr is an AI-driven SMS chat application. It triggers SMS conversations with your patients in case they miss a call. It collects information such as their name, contact, and the reason why they contacted. The app is equipped with advanced AI techniques such as a Natural language processor to understand the requirements of the user. You can configure Emitrr to book appointments, send location, quotes, or even simply capture some information. In case you want to add a human touch to the conversation, you can turn off the auto-reply and quickly jump into the conversation.

Check out the app now.

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