Dentists Open During COVID19 for Emergencies

Dental - COVID19

This morning I woke up to a message from an unknown person on Facebook. The message went something like this:

“Hello sir, my name is … and I’m in British Columbia, Canada.

My reason for contacting you is because I’m in dire need of dental attention and most clinics in my area are closed due to covid-19. Please get back to me when you can


My heart sank for a second thinking of the amount of pain the person must be going through to reach out to an absolute stranger for help. Think about the last time you asked a stranger for help online? It’s rare and it happens only when we have no other option left.

The moment I received this message, I could relate to the person instantly because I have been in this situation, in severe pain and not being able to find help due to unavoidable circumstances. Back in 2014 when a cyclone hit the city of Vizag in India, I was stuck and in pain for weeks since everything was shut.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has pushed many people to such a situation and the least we can do is help in whatever capacity. I am writing this blog to do my bit during COVID-19 and help in whatever little way I can. I hope this reaches many people and we are able to help everyone who is in need.

At Emitrr, we have set up a simple platform to solve two problems:

  1. Identify which dentist/dental practice is available in my location to attend to emergencies (we are soon expanding this to multiple other use cases – maid services, etc)
  2. Identify patients in need and share information with dental practice available, in their neighborhood 

I am reaching out to everyone associated in any way with the dental community/small business to share and spread the word in order to help many others like the person who reached out to me, who are stuck in pain and are unable to find help.

You could be a dentist yourself, a patient, a software in the dental space or you simply came across this and want to help. 

All a dentist needs to do is, list themselves on and hopefully, we can reach a lot of people through this. We are working very hard to reach out to people with large network effects and spread the word.

What are we doing at our end to get the word out?

  • We are distributing this within our existing customers
  • Trying to get a word around through help from Media
  • Facebook communities
  • Partnering with industry influencers/software providers and more

Thanks for your help and support!

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