31 DSO’s to Work for in 2020 💛

Emitrr’s DSO’s to know in 2020 list reveals the 31 young, resilient DSO’s where America’s dental graduates should want to work now.  

2020 has been a year of upheaval as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, upending both business and personal plans. Dental practices/DSO have not been immune. Many have found ways to navigate these changes — or pivot all together, hired more people, taken to teledentistry— and even thrived.

Today at Emitrr we want to uncover the 31 DSO’s that have stood out this year, attracting investment, employees, and attention. (source: https://www.beckersdental.com/dso-dpms/35984-30-dsos-to-know-in-2020.html)

This list is also meant to be a resource for you. These 31 DSO’s point to growing trends in business,  

Or, you may want to land a job at one of these DSO. In which case, take a look at who you might know at the company, see what jobs are open or find out the common skills among their workforce — and the courses that could help you hone those.  Take a look below

Pleaste note: This list is not an exhaustive list and has been used in continuation to the effort put by Beckers Dental + DSO Review. 

Take a look below:

Top DSOs to work with in 2020

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