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Alexa, how can eCommerce stores use Emitrr?
What does that mean?
Great, I’d love to know more!
You can launch your store on voice using Emirrr.
It means customers can order from your store using Alexa or Google Home
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Convert conversations to revenue!

Repeat Orders

Let customers place repeat orders via Alexa.

Push Notifications

Push contextual coupons, deals to your customers or let them check for deals through voice

Voice CRO

Engage customers with fun voice games and convert them into customers.

Voice Design board

With Emitrr, you can focus on your ecommerce store, while we create products for getting you more repeat orders!

Why Emitrr?

Ready to use templates

Easy to use templates to help publish your eCommerce store on Alexa in under 5 minutes.

No Coding Required

You will never need any dev team. We know how hard it can get!

Edit Skill Design Easily

Update your interactions with simple text only input.

Track revenue

Monitor your revenue via voice channels and optimize them for growth.

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