How Becht Pride Uses Business Texting For Cleaning Services Success

Texting for maid service

The cleaning services industry generated an astonishing revenue of 61 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Due to its growth, the industry is drawing in more and more entrepreneurs solving unique problems for cleaning business owners. The industry is competitive and requires you stand out if you want to thrive.

One of those thriving services is Becht Pride, a multi-service (residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning) business operating out of Indianapolis. They were also awarded Angies List Super Service award, which is given only to top 5% of the cleaning companies 

When entrepreneur Ben and Tammy founded Becht Pride, the business performed well quickly. The two co-owners worked hard to provide best in class service to customers for a reasonable price and to establish excellent relationships with customers, working many hour weeks to manage both internal and external communications via phone calls.

However, as their business grew, Ben began to explore more advanced communication methods, which eventually led him to SMS for cleaning services and Emitrr.

Searching For An Advanced Communications Channel: Business Texting

To efficiently run a cleaning businesses and provide a high level of customer service, cleaning companies must focus on streamlining their communications. Cleaning teams need fast answers to issues that are happening in the field, while at the same time, clients need to receive prompt answers to questions regarding appointment availability and other customer service needs.  

Becht Pride originally used phone calls to communicate all of this information. While phone calls got the job done, they consumed many hours of the owners’ time each day. Between their hectic schedules and those of the customer, sometimes issues fell between the cracks and just never got handled.

Someone said “if you’re texting your customers, that’s a terrible idea, because people will text you constantly and you will never be able to leave work.” Ben realized that while that may be true when texting with personal cell phone numbers, there must be an optimal solution available for businesses.

After research online , Ben settled on a platform that covered his basic needs, such as sending multiple texts at once, scheduling messages, and entering customer data en masse. The platform performed well, reducing the time he and Tammy spent on client and internal communications.

However, after a few months, Ben came across a post on facebook by Hiram Banda (Owner of Mop It Like Its Hot and user of Emitrr) and they realized that their current texting provider was limiting their ability to offer best in class customer service. Ben immediately setup a demo to learn more. Emitrr rose to the top of list. They decided to switch to Emitrr’s advanced platform that offered additional features—especially the capability to convert missed calls and incoming calls to text messages with location-specific textable numbers.

Business Texting With Emitrr

Emitrr facilitated a smooth transition from Becht Pride’s previous texting platform. Becht was able to swiftly upload client information and utilize Emitrr’s advanced features within minutes.

And their clients love to text in. Recurring clients, which make up most of the Becht Pride’s customer base, can quickly schedule or reschedule appointments through text, and if they happen to send after-hours messages, they immediately receive personalized auto-replies through an auto response receptionist capability.

Clients also enjoy receiving scheduling updates or other last-minute notifications through text, which they receive quickly and can respond to within seconds.

Client data management is far easier now, too. By using one of Emitrr’s integrations with Housecall Pro or Zapier (coming soon) or Webchat widget, any time customers add their data in the Becht Pride website, it uploads right into Emitrr’s database. 

Becht Pride uses Emitrr’s reviews feature to generate more reviews on google, thus resulting in better discoverability on the web.

Some cleaning companies also uses business texting for employee management. For example, they send scheduled texts to employees so they don’t forget to relay important notifications. And it also helps keep communication going with team members. Group texts can be very useful for something like this.

Improving Communications With Business Texting

After days of using Emitrr, Becht Pride began to see improvements.

While Ben and team used to spend 4-6 hours a day on the phone, now 98% of communications are done through texts, saving both Ben and Tammy and their clients a lot of time. Saving time texting instead of calling has allowed their business to grow with minimal office staff.

Text messaging can reduce headcount in your business. — Ben, Becht Pride

Most importantly, clients frequently say that they are happy to work with Becht Pride as returning customers because communications are quick and easy.

What can businesses do with texting?

Today texting is being used for almost any business communication. Maid service businesses today are using text messaging for anything that was being done through calls. Below are some examples of what maid service businesses are using text messaging for apart from use cases highlighted above:

– Converting calls to text
– Handling missed calls through automated 2 way text messages triggered on missed calls
– Appointment Reminders
– Review Requests
– Text message marketing 
– Follow up on quotes
– Surveys for customer experience and more

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