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About Google reviews 

Fun fact: Google records an estimate of 63,000 search queries per second, with a yearly global search being 2 trillion
Google holds its ground for being the most popular search engine across the globe. With Google dominating the search engine use, it becomes imperative for small businesses to establish their presence, as it is the ‘digital word of mouth’ that can help them grow. It is a powerful tool to establish credibility in this competitive world and create a strong impact. But the question here is, how do you create that credibility in the most organic way? It’s simple. You get more google reviews for your business.

Google reviews are very important for you if you want to achieve success with respect to online reputation management. With google reviews, not only will you get access to a large base of potential customers but also give your business that extra edge.

When a customer searches for a business on google, the google reviews are visible with the business profile, just like the image below. 

Google reviews

Why are google reviews important? 

If you run a small business and want to attract more customers, then it is imperative that you get discovered in google search results. If you get more google reviews for your business, you’re on the path to building trust with your potential customers.  

Fun fact: 89 percent of customers read online reviews before they make a purchase

Considering the heavily digitized reputation of brands in the current technologically-centric world, it is important to make sure that you appear in their search results. For the same, google reviews are what you should focus on, as Google relies on reviews to provide its users with the best possible search results. 

Quality, quantity, recency, and relevance of reviews are the factors that Google considers while assessing the authenticity of a business. When customers share their experiences about a business, Google understands the kind of position that the business holds in the market. It would be safe to say that a business that has plenty of reviews and a higher star rating will be more visible on local searches, and therefore impact local SEO. If a business has a rating of 4.5 on Google, it means that the customers like the brand and this is what Google picks while ranking businesses. Google’s algorithm uses fresh content (latest reviews) to analyze whether a business is active, and the kind of service it is providing. 

If you are a business with hundreds of reviews, you are probably offering great services, and considering that your potential customers are making the relevant searches, Google will make sure that your business is a part of relevant search results. Both the star rating and the number of reviews are considered by customers while choosing the best fit for them. 

But if you are looking forward to gaining a better online presence, then you must list your business on Google. This includes providing information about the location of your business and the products/services you offer. Doing so will help you gain better visibility across Google services. Whatever information you provide on your Google My Business page might feature in a basic Google Search, along with Google Shopping and Google Maps. Make sure that you list your business on Google, as it is the first step towards generating reviews.  

Here are some benefits of Google reviews: 

10 ways to get more Google reviews

Here are some methods you can use to get more Google reviews for your business: 

1. Add a review link on your website 
A business’s website is the go-to place for any customer to find out more about the business. It is frequently visited by customers to obtain information. If a customer decides to leave a review for your business. your website may be one of the places they head to first. Add a call to action to the Google review page and make sure it is easy for the customers to find. 

Tip: You can place a review CTA on the left hand side of your page as Website viewers spend 80% of their time looking at the left half of your pages (Nielson Norman Group)

2. Run a email campaign for reviews
The best way to collect reviews is to simply ask. Until you ask for a review, it is very unlikely that a customer will leave a review by themselves. 
You can formulate an email campaign and request your customers for review. 
Round up all your customer’s emails and shoot them an email requesting for a review. You can include the link to your google review page in the body of the mail. 

3. Run a text message campaign for reviews
Just like the email campaign, you can also run a text message campaign for requesting reviews from customers. If you have the phone numbers of your customers, and they agreed to receive text communication with you previously, you can consider a text message campaign for reviews. SMS has an open rate of 98% and therefore will guarantee that your review request message is read by the customer. 

4. Ask for reviews immediately after an appointment
Asking for a review just after a job completed can also help you get a new review. If the customer is satisfied with your service they might oblige then and there and write a review for you. Sometimes a new review is just an ask away! 

5. Include review links in your email signature 
Including a simple prompt like “Happy with our services? Leave a review here” can help guide your customers towards leaving a review. 

6.  Ask for reviews in your marketing materials
Whether it is a physical marketing material or a digital one, it comes with an opportunity for you to include a review CTA in it. 

Suppose you have a weekly newsletter, you can add a review CTA at the end of it. 
You can write something like: “Reviews are really important to us. We’d love to hear about your experience.”

You can also think about adding a review QR code on a physical business card, or any physical card you may send to your customer. 

7. Send follow up email After a successful job ends send your customer a follow-up email reminding them that you’re on Google and appreciate any feedback.

8. Create a Google review link
To facilitate all of the points listed above you need to provide your customers with a link. To get a review link for your business follow these steps: 

  1. Visit Google Place ID;
  2. In the ‘Enter a location’ field, write your company name;
  3. In the drop-down list, click on your company name that appears;
  4. Your Place ID will appear in the popover, and just copy it;
  5. Paste this ID number at the end of this link (after the = sign)

9. Ask for reviews on Social Media 
Your social media profiles are another place customer’s visit to know more about your business. Place review CTA’s in easy to find and intuitive places. 
For example, if you have an Instagram page, you can create a ‘highlight’ of all the reviews you’ve received and add a CTA review link. 

10. Include Google review link in surveys
Surveys are a great way to get customer opinion in detail. Surveys give the customers the oportunity ti freely speak their mind. Use this to your advantage and add a review link at the end of the survey. As customers are already in the mood of giving their opinion, it is highly likely that they agree to leaving a Google review as well. 

 Some tips to follow while asking for Google reviews

#1: Be careful with the timing 

When customers purchase your product or avail your services, make sure that you ask for a review on the same day itself. Since the customer’s experience with you is still afresh, he/she will be more likely to leave a review, so ensure that you don’t delay in asking for a review. Your message could be as simple as, “Hey, Brenda! Thank you for your purchase. To enhance our services, we would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!” 

Not only that, but you can ask for patient feedback when your patients are at the facility. You can encourage them to write about your services on Google. Doing so will add more promptness and will increase the chances of landing a couple of reviews. 

#2: Simplicity is the key

It’s great if you have provided your customers with stellar customer service. Just make sure that the review leaving process isn’t too cumbersome for them. If your review mechanism involves a lot of steps, then you need to change it right away as the customer doesn’t have a lot of time to follow that process to be able to leave a review. What if a customer first happily agrees to leave a review, and changes his mind after seeing your process? You just lost yourself a valuable review! Don’t let that happen. Provide your customers with a link that directs them to the review page. 

#3: Encourage your employees 

Customers are more likely to leave reviews when they have a one-on-one relationship with your employees. If your employees have had a face-to-face interaction with your customers, then you can allow them to send review requests to the customers through text. Doing this will increase your chances of securing a review. 

#4: Respond to reviews 

When a potential customer is looking for a service and comes across a new business, he/she will naturally go to reviews left by past customers. What the potential customer will also notice is whether you have also responded to the google reviews. Always make sure to respond to reviews, irrespective of their nature. 

Here’s how you should respond to positive reviews:

  • Acknowledge their feedback. Say “thank you”.
  • Motivate the customer to revisit or repurchase your product or service. 
  • Make sure that your response is crisp and tight. 

An example: “Hey, thank you for your feedback. We would love to hear from you again!” 

Here’s how you should respond to negative reviews:

  • Respond calmly; do not get into an argument with the customer. 
  • Do not wait for too long. Try to respond within a 24-hour period. 
  • Leave your contact information so that your team can look into the matter and resolve the customer’s concern. 

An example: “Hey, we’re sorry to hear that. Please let us know how we can help.” 

While you can count on the aforementioned tips to get more google reviews from your customers, there are some practices that you shouldn’t resort to.  

Things you should not do to get more Google reviews

Get more Google reviews  with the Emitrr software

If you have served hundreds of customers to date, then you might need to write to each customer, asking them to leave a review. When you ask your customers for a review, you can either personalize your message or can send an automated message through email or text. For instance, with the Emitrr software, you can easily send a review message to multiple customers at once. There are a variety of email and text templates that you can use, and can even customize those as per your needs.  

Simply log in to your account and head to the campaigns page located on the main menu. From there, choose ‘Manual’. This section allows you to send personalized messages to your customers, along with an option to schedule those. You can also send a follow-up text/email later on. Here’s what the page looks like: 

For initial review message: 

For follow up: 

If you want to send automated review messages to your customers, simply select the automation page, and from there, choose reviews. The image below shows what you’ll be directed to. 

In these templates, you can schedule the review messages, send messages via both text and email at once, and even preview what you’re sending. Here are some examples for your reference: 

The review page:

Here’s what a text template looks like: 

Here’s what an email template looks like:


If you want to amp up your online reputation, attract more customers, and generate more revenue, then you need to get more google reviews as these will help you achieve all your growth objectives. You can also formulate a review management strategy for better clarity. So, make sure to document customer experience by the way of google reviews and watch your sales graph go higher and higher! 

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