List of Maid Service Softwares

A majority of maid service businesses are using some form of booking automation software nowadays – in fact, studies cite around website booking generates 80-90% of the business, and that number continues to grow.

According to GetJobber, more and more people want to type and not call.

All of which is to say – if you’re not using maid services or a home cleaning booking software in 2020, you might want to reconsider.

Despite the necessity of automation software, it’s a complicated space, full of different software solutions with various features, and use cases.

At Emitrr, we’ve cultivated a list to help you sort through your options and feel confident choosing the best booking software for your maid services business.

Top 8 Maid Service Softwares:

  • Booking Koala
  • Launch27
  • ZenMaid
  • The CustomerFactor
  • Swept
  • Vonigo
  • MaidEasy
  • Maidily

The 8 Best Maid Service Softwares in 2020

  • Booking Koala: BookingKoala is a cloud-based booking solution that allows users to manage appointments, track sales growth and manage marketing channels. While they have a booking capability, they also have several other features to run and grow a small business, including but not limited to: 
    • Marketplace: (BETA) Through their marketing efforts, they help bring the clients to your business.
    • GPS & Clock In/Out: Customers can track providers via GPS and providers can also clock in/out per each job allowing customers to understand how long they’ve spent or traveled to a job.
    • Automatic Reviews: Automatically get more reviews on your Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other social pages. Also, allow customers to share their reviews on Facebook and Twitter or even display them on your website.
    • Recurring Appointments: Accurate recurring scheduling/rescheduling and built-in up-sells to turn more one-time clients into regular recurring appointments such as built-in discounts based on frequency, segregated email lists, automated promotional emails and more.
  • Launch27: Launch27 is a powerful online booking system that allows potential customers to buy your maid services directly from your website. Using Launch27 the entire booking engine can be customized to match your existing housekeeping website and can be integrated within seconds, giving customers a seamless buying experience from start to finish.  Below are some of the features that Launch27 offers:
    • Real-Time Availability: Now customers can see your availability in real-time and schedule service without calling you
    • Multi-Location: With the Multi-location capability, businesses can Offer different Prices and Schedules for each Location you serve.
    • Flexible Pricing Options: The traditional challenge with online booking is determining how to set pricing for local service businesses. Launch27 gives you multiple ways to offer to price
      • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
      • Hourly
      • Square feet/meters
      • Custom pricing for special cases
  • ZenMaid: ZenMaid was started in 2013 by former maid services owners who managed & ran their company in less than an hour a day with the help of custom developed technology. You can use ZenMaid if you’d like to:
    • Send work orders to your cleaners
    • Send reminders to your customers
    • Follow up after appointments 
    • Handle your payroll in just a few, easy clicks.
  • The Customer Factor: The Customer Factor is a service management software that allows you to track the aspects of your business with automated features to help you manage quality, productivity and more. You will love Customer Factor for its simplicity and great customer support, based on our research from G2:
  • Swept: Swept makes simple and smart janitorial software designed specifically for the janitorial and commercial cleaning industry. Swept’s mission is to help cleaning companies retain their cleaners and clients by streamlining communication between managers and employees, and give them a competitive advantage. Swept Platform (desktop and mobile) helps proactively address issues on site before they become customer problems. The biggest reason for customers to love Swept is the fact that cleaners and managers can communicate efficiently. Read the G2 Review below to see why customers love Swept:
  • Vonigo: Vonigo is a field service management and online booking platform that helps increase sales and streamline the operations of mobile service companies and organizations. Vonigo offers a unified suite of configurable cloud-based modules including; CRM, internal and client-facing scheduling, work order management, estimating, dispatching, routing, GPS, invoicing, payments, reporting, and more. Customers love Vonigo because it is a complete, customizable solution. Take a look at a review from an existing customer
  • MaidEasy: MaidEasy is a system that offers the tools necessary to operate and grow your residential cleaning company. With just a few clicks you will be able to build your customer’s schedule, print work orders for your employees, and be able to proof payroll for your employees. MaidEasy makes it easy for you to instantly answer your customer’s questions about scheduling. Along with all the other capabilities that most softwares offer, MaidEasy also offers the software on three different platforms:
  • Maidily: Founded in 2019, Maidily is a field service software for cleaning companies. The founders of Maidily had a cleaning company before starting Maidily. They were unable to find a software that fit their needs from a pricing and capability stand point and hence they set out to creating their own software. Seeing the platform work so well, the founders decided to launch it for other cleaning companies to benefit. What stands out about Maidily?
    • Analytics is the core of the platform. Every page has some analytics to offer
    • Users love the UI and UX – its new and refreshing. The platform is very powerful but not overwhelming.
    • Dynamic Scheduling: The biggest differentiator between Maidily and other players in the market.


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