Increase repeat orders on Shopify using voice

At any stage of your eCommerce store, the most important aspect is to increase sales. Whether you are setting up the store or stocking your inventory or creating brand presence, the most important thing for your store is to increase sales. If you are trying to increase your ecommerce store sales on Shopify, then this blog tries to address how as a store owner you can increase sales using voice as a channel. 

Before actually diving into the how of repeat sales via voice, lets take a step back and ask ourselves why even consider voice as a channel, when my users are shopping on web?

  • The progress that digital voice assistants (alexa, google home, siri) are making with native language recognition, is empowering a new shift towards conversational eCommerce or voice commerce. Its only a matter of time that consumers discover convenience, speed and ease of voice commerce and rely on it for online shopping.
  • It is no surprise that Amazon Echo dot was the highest selling item on Amazon prime day sales. That goes a long way to tell us about the push Amazon is making towards voice commerce.
  • 100M+ Alexa devices in the US and 100k+ Alexa skills. Research says over 40B worth of transactions on eCommerce stores will happen through voice by 2022.

With technology changing every passing day, users are continuously moving from web to mobile and today to voice, be it for music (Youtube web -> Youtube mobile app -> Listening to music on smart speakers), podcasts (iTunes -> Apple Podcast apps -> Alexa), simple queries (google -> Siri/Google Assistant -> Alexa) or any other use case. The most common things that people tend to do or things that are a habit can be successfully implemented/accessed on voice as well. So how does one increase repeat sales on Shopify using voice/smart speakers like Alexa/Google home. Read below:

At Emitrr we are on a mission to make it stupidly simple for consumers to make a purchase online by reducing time and adding convenience. We do this by cutting out the entire purchase process on web or mobile and move it to web and add convenience by letting consumers like you order from the comfort of your couch! We recently conducted a design workshop within our team to come up with what would be the best voice use cases and one thing that came out very very clearly was to enable repeat purchase using voice. Things that people order out of habit/regular needs/consumables. Below is a flowchart of how you as a store owner can enable and increase repeat sales using voice channels.

Repeat orders on Shopify via Alexa/Google Home
repeat orders of Shopify via Alexa/Google Home

Tip: See how other online stores have set up repeat ordering to understand the best practices. The skills from Seamless, Grubhub are a great place to start. You can also read about what other ways can voice can help your eCommerce store deliver the best experience.

About Emitrr

Emitrr is a voice first platform for Shopify stores to help them enable voice checkout. We help Shopify stores enable repeat orders/category shopping and a lot of other capabilities on voice as a channel. Reach out to us on or

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