5 Ways to Incentivize your Shopify Customers to Return

It is said that returning customers account for 40% of the total eCommerce revenue and it costs anywhere between 5-25% more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

While it is said that acquiring a new customer is getting harder and harder due to the increasing competition, it is also interesting to note that with every other eCommerce company trying to acquire new customers, you need a solid strategy to retain your existing customers.

Here are 5 super creative and powerful methods to keep your existing customers coming back:

  • Make it easy for customers to repeat orders

The most important aspect to keep in mind while building a repeat order strategy for your Shopify store is to make it extremely easy and seamless for customer to repeat orders. While this can be done in many different ways, the best way to make it easy for customers to repeat orders is by making it completely hands-free. As a Shopify store owner, you can give your storefront a voice presence that would enable your customers to repeat their orders via Alexa or Google Home. Take a look at the interaction below to understand better:

User: Alexa, Open Gregorys 
Alexa: Welcome to Gregorys, you can either say repeat my last order or say what are my previous orders.
User: Repeat my last order
Alexa: Adding 1 quantity of Cafe mocha to your cart. Say Yes to place your order!
User: Yes
Alexa: Placing your order for 1 items of total amount of $3. 203, 42nd Times Square will be used for delivery within 30 minutes. Say yes to authorize to use Amazon Pay.
User: Yes, I authorize Amazon Pay
Alexa: Thank you for authorizing Amazon Pay. $3 will be paid using Amazon Pay. Order is successfully placed. Thank you for using our services.

  • Games, Contests, and rewards

Let’s take into consideration human behavior for this. We all love to be praised and it boosts our ego. Imagine that if you hung out in a store and every so often a store member would come around and hand out free goodies, regardless of whether you were purchasing something or not. 

Would you hang out in that store more often? You definitely would.

How can you replicate this in your Shopify store? 

Create opportunities for your customers to win free products and gift cards, irrespective of purchases. Use games like voice games on top of Alexa and Google Home and award prizes to winners or high scorers. 

If the games require a measure of skill, have a winner or high scorer list on the site to encourage your customers and others to keep returning and honing their skills.  So how does a voice game work, take a look at the voice game interaction below for a pet store hosted on Shopify:

Alexa: Welcome to Pet n’Go quiz. There will be some fun questions for you to win rewards. Are you ready to play the game? 
User: Yes
Alexa: Here is your question. It is worth 2 points. Which is the most friendly animal that exists on earth? You can choose from A., Dog, B., Whale, C., Dolphin or D., Tiger
User: Dolphin 
Alexa: Great Guess. C., Dolphins is the correct answer. Dolphins are the most friendly animals. Even though dolphins spend their lives in the water, they are not fish, but are mammals. 53 percent of people answered this question correctly. Would you like to continue playing?

Users can either cash in rewards on the voice itself or they can always come back to your website and cash in the rewards.

  • Make it easy to return orders

Today a major factor dictating where Shopify customers choose to shop is the existence or lack of a fair and comprehensive return process – and the numbers prove it: 95% of online customers will purchase from an e-commerce store again if they have a good return or exchange experience with the store. Voice is making it easy to enable seamless returns for your Shopify store. All customers need to say is “Alexa, initiate a return for my last order from Pet n’Go” or “Alexa, initiate a return for Product A from Pet n’Go”.

Why is this a great experience? Think of the customer in the environment they are in while thinking of returning something. They are in the middle of trying the product and they realize that it is not a good fit, expecting them to open an app or a website in that context could be a frustrating experience. If you make returns easy, most shoppers will buy from you again.

  • Enable voice order tracking
Shopify Order Status Tracking on Voice

What is the most common thing that users do after an order is placed? They check for the status of their order by logging into your Shopify store. Essentially they are simply consuming information. Voice is probably the best way to consume information today. Lets customers ask Alexa: What is the status of my order? 

  • Deals and Coupons

Amazon does a great job of pushing deals and coupons via Alexa. Simply ask Alexa, what are my deals and you’d be surprised to find interesting deals you were not aware of. Similarly, a Shopify store can use Alexa and Google Home to push deals and let customers check the latest deals. Customers can either cash in the deal on voice or on the web.

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