Alexa Skills

Pros and Cons of Voice Commerce

I recently attended an eCommerce gathering here in New York and most of the people I met had two things at the top of their mind: Planning for the holiday season and wondering what is the impact of voice in … Read More

50 Shopify Stores

50 Shopify Stores on Our Wishlist for Voice Shopping

Why we think these stores could be a great fit for an Alexa skill/Voice shopping: Repeat order The value of returning customers is critical for the growth and long-term success of any commerce business.  How do we make a customer … Read More

Increase repeat orders on Shopify using voice

At any stage of your eCommerce store, the most important aspect is to increase sales. Whether you are setting up the store or stocking your inventory or creating brand presence, the most important thing for your store is to increase … Read More

Laundry Website and Booking Flow

Laundry Websites and Booking Flows Optimized for Conversion

Emitrr is a voice platform that helps Laundromats get booking orders via Alexa by publishing their skills on Alexa in under 5 minutes. Today we are taking a look at the Laundromats that offer the most seamless ways of booking … Read More

50 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Amazon Alexa

Alexa can stream music, schedule an alarm, order items from Amazon and do a ton of other things. All of these are definitely useful but with time Alexa is getting ‘skilled’ and there is a whole lot of third-party skills … Read More

The Complete Guide to Alexa Skills

What is Alexa Skill? Well, for starters, it must have something to do with Alexa, right? No, not a real person named Alexa. This is all about Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, that has been enabling consumers to easily interact with … Read More

Alexa Skills Teardown

Alexa Skills Teardown – Laundry and Dry Cleaning

A look at the application of voice in the laundry and dry cleaning industry 2019 has been the year when Alexa took concrete steps to break out from the hype and found its calling in user engagement, transactions and so … Read More

Voice checkout for your laundry

Voice Checkout for your Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Emitrr talks about how Laundromats (laundries) and Dry Cleaners can use voice for order pickup and delivery … Read More