Voice Checkout for your Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Voice checkout for your laundry

Dear laundry business owner,

Would you like more customers to visit your store? Well, the answer is a resounding “yes”! Despite good service and competitive prices, many laundry businesses in today’s increasingly-digital world are unable to create awareness amongst prospective customers and get existing customers to stay loyal. Ineffective marketing, you say? True, but sustaining a brand is becoming even more difficult these days. 

Building awareness and differentiation are getting harder 

Most businesses (including laundries with one store and chains) are present online through websites, ecommerce portals or through social media. But these channels are now “hygiene” and do not really help businesses to stand out- your laundry business included. For website content to remain effective from an SEO perspective, regular (and expensive!) changes are needed. With paid searches showing up at the top, organic results are relegated to below the fold; they are not visible unless the user scrolls down. How likely is this on smartphones, which are what more and more users browse on? Even if someone scrolls down to the page where your business is listed, what are the odds that s/he will click on the link?

So just change the game!

What if you could blunt the edge that competitors with deeper pockets or better brand recall or even multiple stores across cities have? 

With voice commerce, you can. More than 100 M people reportedly use Alexa and similar devices for various things such as turning lights on/off, playing music, asking for directions, ordering food etc. With Google and Microsoft also active in the voice-based search space, and more and more actions being enabled through voice, the number of voice users will grow only faster. 

As of now, there are no paid voice-based ads, unlike with text searches. But that will surely change in the coming months. If your laundry business gets Alexa and Google enabled quickly, think of the advantages you can gain in terms of customer acquisition, engagement and service. In fact, at this time, voice is even cheaper.

What you need to do

If you can get your business Alexa-enabled, your customers can then simply say “Alexa, schedule laundry pickup by ABC” or “Alexa, get my laundry delivered at 6:00 pm on July 10th”. Your business can offer customers unrivalled convenience- they can schedule pickups and deliveries even while stuck in a traffic jam or driving to/from work without worrying about logging into a website or using an app. This convenience may also help tip the scales in favour of your laundry business, as customers who use other laundries may shift to using you (unless of course, the others get onto voice even before you do). 

Amazon plans to soon launch its “Canfulfil” intent, which is nothing but SEO based on voice. Once that is operational, users can just say “Alexa, find me a good laundry near here”. Naturally, if you already offer customers a voice enabled option, rather than search for “a laundry”, they will instruct Alexa to schedule pickup/drop with your business. 

Give your business a new look- eliminate the stains and wrinkles of traditional competition

Time is of the essence. We can help you implement voice commerce for your laundry business. Not just because we know how to develop Alexa Skills or Google Actions, but also because we have experience in this space. You can be assured that in addition to being cost-effective and speedy, our Alexa Skill or Google Action solution will be robust and scalable. Developing a voice commerce solution is very very different from developing conventional software; it needs a different set of skills to ensure that the user’s “intent” is understood even if the words used are not what you or I typically would. 

You’ve always read about how other companies have innovated or disrupted the marketplace. Now it’s your turn to do it. We at Emitrr would be delighted to discuss how we can help your laundry business become an innovative leader in an otherwise mature industry. 

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