7 ways Shopify stores can use voice as a sales channel

Shopify Voice Sales

According to research by Feedvisor, 69% of the eCommerce stores today feel that voice commerce/ordering is an opportunity and not a threat. The survey says that 43% of eCommerce merchants strongly agree with voice as a channel for sales and an additional 29% somewhat agree. Take a look below:

Voice ordering in eCommerce
source; feedvisors

The numbers above showcase what eCommerce stores think about voice as a channel for sales. Let’s take a look at the market opportunity and why eCommerce stores should consider voice as a strategy now:

  • Voice is fast becoming a part of everyday life with people using Alexa and Google home to listen to music, ask questions on a daily basis. The obvious next thing that will happen in the future is to order via voice
  • The convenience of voice is definitely hard to deny. It is much easier to place an order by talking to Alexa from the comfort of your couch, than having to log in to a platform/app
  • While it is convenient to use voice to order/get things done, it is also interesting to note the following numbers:
    • 100M Alexa’s sold in the US alone to date. The US Population is ~300M. Which goes to say that every home in the US today as at least 1 smart speaker and with giants like Amazon and Google making a push towards voice commerce, this is only going to grow.
    • The total number of Alexa skills/voice apps that users can use to get Alexa to do something is also growing rapidly. There are over 100k voice apps on alexa skill store already and voice as a market is still in its infancy. The best is yet to come. Which means that developers/brands/individuals have realized the value and are creating their presence on voice as a channel.
    • Voice shopping is estimated to hit $40B+ in US and UK by 2022. I think this simply seal it and any other metric cannot compete with this one in the voice market

Given all the happenings in the voice market and its growth, we at Emitrr have come up with the 5 voice use cases for eCommerce (Shopify) stores to enhance customer experience and boost sales via voice as a channel. Without getting into further details, below are the best use cases that we feel will put your Shopify stores on steroids for voice as a channel:

Reordering via voice (Alexa/google home): Repeat purchase is a metric that every eCommerce store wants to optimize and work towards. Rather than running behind acquiring new users, it is always preferred to have existing users come back and transact at your store. But before looking at how it can be conversion optimized  using voice, lets look at why repeat orders are important:

  • A repeat customer is more likely to shopy with you again compared to a new user
  • They are easier to sell to
  • They tend to spend more on each purchase
  • They share your store more

Now how can one implement repeat ordering via voice? It is actually very simple. We made a simple voice user interface design for enabling repeat orders on your shopify store. Below is how repeat orders work on Alexa if you create a voice checkout on voice using Emitrr for you Shopify store:

User: Alexa, ask {store name} to repeat my last order
Alexa: Here are the latest orders available for reorder
No. 1 {Date} for {product}
No. 2 {Date} for {product}
No. 3 {Date} for {product}
Would you like to repeat No.1, No.2 or No.3?
User: I’d like to repeat No. 3
Alexa: Awesome, this is an order from {store name} to be delivered to {address} with the items {1 and 2} for a total of {amount}. Would you like to place the order?
User: Yes
Alexa: Please authorize Amazon pay for payments. You can say yes to authorize or No to start fresh.
User: Yes
Alexa: You order is confirmed and will be delivered to you in {days} on the {address}. Thank you for using our services.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at how Seamless, Grubhub and other stores are enabling repeat orders and leveraging voice to increase repeat ordering on their store.

Cart abandonment push notifications on smart speakers: Have you had users leave the cart abandoned? You must be joking if you said no! Well voice can help solve cart abandonment via voice push notifications. How does that work? 

All you need to do is set up a trigger for cart abandoned and send the user a push notification on Alexa that they have an order in their cart and they forget to checkout. 

Please note, the above will work only for users who have enabled your Alexa skill

Deals and Coupons: Just the way we saw one can push cart abandonment push notifications, voice can also be used to:

Push deals and coupons to a segment based on their past behavior e.g. abandoned cart, repeat purchase, visited a page but did not complete purchase, related products etc.

Or simply let users ask for deals/coupons via alexa/google home before making a purchase. 

It can be used both for targeted marketing or for simply answering user queries.

Flash Briefings: One of the top use cases for Amazon Alexa is its ability to quickly summarize the day’s headlines via its customizable “Flash Briefing” skill. You could do the same and use Flash briefings to promote content/updates from your eCommerce store using this capability. What this would enable is for customers to ask Alexa for flash briefing and that will share updates with them about your store.

Store Locator: I recently visited New York and was walking through the streets of FiDi before I realized i needed to purchase a laptop. I started asking people around for a Best Buy store. But soon i realized i should have checked before leaving. While one can always check on the internet, but wouldn’t it be great to let users locate the nearest store or just any store by asking alexa/voice assistants. It would be so much more easier as alexa would automatically use your device location and tell you the store nearest to your current location.

Support Request/Raise a ticket: This is another common use case where customers want to raise a ticket but have to login to the store via web or mobile. With Alexa, they can simply raise a ticket through voice and also share their concern. This will not only ease out the process at the customer’s end but also create a ticket in your ticket management platform.

Status of order: What is the most common thing that users do after an order is placed? Yes, you guessed it right: They check for the status of their order by logging into your store/app or your delivery partner. Why not make it easier and let them sit by after the order is placed and simply ask Alexa: What is the status of my order? This is a very common habit of customers and a great use case to be solved using voice as all they are looking for is an answer and dont need to log into their systems to get an answer to a fairly simple thing! 

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