A Brief Guide To Know Why your Business Needs A VoIP Solution

voip phone services for business

A Brief Guide To Know Why your Business Needs A VoIP Solution

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize how fragile traditional call center setups really were. With a need for cloud telephony services for remote work, VoIP phone services became an integral asset for business continuity. 

Although, previously sustaining phone calls over the internet would not have been as efficient as it is now. Earlier internet connectivity wasn’t good enough as it is now. With 5G connectivity pervading every business and household now, speaking over the internet is a common practice. The concept isn’t too old. People have been speaking over the internet via Skype, Face Time and more. Now contact centers can use VoIP as well to conduct their incoming and outgoing business, remotely. 

What is VoIP?

In case you are still wondering, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a phone service which will allow your business to receive or make calls over the internet. It is more efficient and reliable than traditional phone setups. VoIP was first used commercially in the 1990s, but the technology has improved drastically over the time. Earlier due to poor internet quality, the technology couldn’t thrive as it does now. 

Why use VoIP?

As nowadays customers are used to calling over the internet. The technology is now engraved in new-age cell phones, where people can make calls using their WiFi connection. Even contact centers have adopted VoIP phone services widely to accommodate remote working during the pandemic. All of this has made us realise how better it is than traditional phone calls. Let’s discuss how:

Cost Effective:

VoIP service is cheaper than regular telephone connection. It’s mostly charged monthly than per minute spent on calls. As calling is an important part of contact center operations, VoIP can significantly reduce your cost per call. 

No Hardware Installation: 

When calls are to be made over the internet, there is no need for any physical installation. Contact centers can adopt VoIP technology and proceed with their existing materials. Any mobile phone, desktop or other device with internet can be used to make calls. This again adds no extra cost for maintenance or adoption. 

Enables Remote Work:

VoIP ensures that calls are connected as long as you have a device with internet. This doesn’t bind employees to any on-premise setup or office space. They can work from their homes or any geographical location. Agents can get started with the bare minimum without much hassle. 

Improved Voice Quality: 

There is no doubt that internet quality has improved over the last few years. In fact, high speed internet is common and using it make phone calls isn’t hard. Voice signals are transferred as data packets, making sure that quality is not lost as long as internet is fine. 

Scalable Choice:

Small businesses can choose VoIP as they need a scalable option. With remote working being a possibility, SMBs can hire globally without any office setup cost. Even large scale businesses can opt for VoIP and enjoy the massive benefits of scaling across any geographic location. This will allow you to tend to a more diverse customer pool with adding extra expenses to your bill. 

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