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The Background

Citryn Marketing is a well-known marketing and web development organization, focused on healthcare. Based in California, with 50+ customers, they are a state-of-the-art, growth partner for healthcare businesses providing the following services: reputation management, website development, and digital marketing. The team prides itself on its ability to help practices grow multifold with its SEO and reputation management capabilities.

Citryn wanted a way to help their healthcare customers with not just websites and digital marketing but also with healthcare-specific needs like generating reviews, communicating with patients, and ensuring that they were keeping these patients for a lifetime. As a high-touch organization, they needed a platform that could help them with the patient journey from end to end, as well as a modern, HIPAA-compliant solution that could reach out to their customer’s patients via their preferred method –text– and integrate easily with their current tech stack.

A few of Citryn’s goals with Emitrr included –

  • Improve search rankings by increasing review count and review response rates.
  • Leverage mass texting to reach more patients.
  • Utilize Emitrr’s interactions suite to easily communicate with patients via web chat and text and for all missed calls.
  • Robust reporting on customer insights, down to the location level.
  • Solve more industry-specific problems like reminders, recalls, a VOIP platform that integrated with the EHR
  • However, they had two challenges ahead of them: margins and customer pushback. Customers were pushing back with their current patient interaction and reputation platform:
  • The pricing of the platform they were using was flat fee/mo solving just the problem of reputation management and as the number of locations increased, the pricing further started pinching their customers.
  • This left very little room for them to upsell and create higher margins for Citryn themselves.

Products Used

  • Reviews & Reputation
  • Interactions (Webchat, Receptionist, 2 Way Texting)
  • Mass Texting (Marketing Campaigns)
  • Surveys
  • Patient Engagement (Recall, Reminders, No Show Follow Up)

The Solution

Emitrr’s complete patient interaction and patient engagement platform Interactions

Citryn implemented Emitrr Interactions in September 2020 for its single-location and multi-location clients. Prior to  Emitrr, their clients did not have a direct means of communication with patients. They would communicate with patients through email, phone calls, and live chat. From the day they implemented Emitrr’s texting capability, they were able to see a 70% increase in conversion. The reasons were multifold:

Texting had a 98% open rate.

When patients would visit the website, they could initiate a webchat query that was converted into a text message, giving the clients an opportunity to continue the conversation even if they patients dropped off the website.

Missed calls and voicemails too were converted into text messages.

Today Citryn has successfully been able to reduce patient calls through the Emitrr interactions platform on text, webchat to text, missed call texting, and text message marketing.

The process is simple: the centralized patient contact center receives the webchat and manages the communications for all the individual offices. The team can answer questions, send paperwork or make appointments through webchat. Automated FAQs automatically answer common questions. In the rare instance where a question needs to be forwarded to someone else, the team can do so through interactions, thereby keeping the patient journey seamless. Mass texting can be used to send out promotions or special messages to patients. Receptionists can answer missed calls and easily turn a voicemail into a text message.

Automating a Review Solution

Citryn knew the importance of patient reviews when they were seeking a solution. Their current solution provider was only solving for reputation management and was expensive. They wanted an easy and streamlined method of getting reviews from patients for their clients, that didn’t break the bank. They implemented Emitrr by automating multiple patient management systems/EHRs, to ask for reviews automatically after appointments. The automation makes the requesting of reviews seamless for staff and ensures a steady stream of patient feedback.

The results speak for themselves. Citryn has increased reviews by 200% for their clients since partnering with Emitrr. Their clients generated more reviews in 10 months with Emitrr than they had in the previous years combined, and raised their average star rating. They’re also seeing more traffic, increased calls, and more clicks to their website.

The Emitrr dashboard allows Citryn CEO Steven Everett to easily manage all his locations in one place.

Steven is also able to see trends and insights in real-time. This insight enables him to pass along feedback to the clients, who can then implement any necessary process changes at the location level, based on the patient feedback.

Overall Results

In just 8 months, Citryn has grown to over 30 locations offering patient engagement and reputation management services through Emitrr

  • 3-minute average response time
  • 4000+ voicemails answered
  • 50,000+ text message conversations
  • 1500+ new reviews
  • 2000+ leads through webchat
  • 90% reduction in no-shows and cancellations