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Grow your reviews by automatically requesting reviews from customers after their appointments

Emitrr customers see a 10x jump in reviews leading to them ranking higher on google searches and generating more business.

  • Decide the channel for requesting a review automatically: Text, Email, or both (Pro tip: Texts have a 98% open rate)
  • Define your review follow up cadence and automation: How many minutes, hours or days after an appointment should Emitrr request a review
  • Have control of your messaging with reviews: Experiment and A/B test your messages on the fly
  • Read responses from reviews in a single conversation inbox


Respond to reviews across multiple review sites, all from a single dashboard

Emitrr customers save hours by bringing together their reviews from multiple review sites into a single view

  • Bring reviews from Google, Facebook, and more review sites
  • Respond to reviews in real-time to manage reputation with the help of real-time notifications
  • Share reviews on social media sites to show off you
  • Manage all of the above by different locations/Google my business listings

Understand what your customers think about by tracking detailed reputation metrics

Emitrr customers can set and track their reputation goals across channels and locations

  • Slice and dice your reports by hourly, monthly, and yearly filters
  • Get a detailed breakdown of how many reviews are requested
  • Filter everything by location and review the site

Start growing your reviews with Emitrr today - Automatically.