MMS: Group vs Broadcast

MMS: Group vs Broadcast

Table of Contents Group MMS vs Broadcast MMS Multimedia messages can be delivered to a wide range of recipients in seconds by using Group MMS or Broadcast MMS. MMS or multimedia messaging service was initially introduced in 2002, as a … Read More

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sms broadcast software

Top 9 features to look out for while choosing the ideal SMS broadcast software

Table of Contents Introduction SMS broadcast software is one of the most significant tools for businesses to communicate quickly and efficiently with their customers and further build customer loyalty. Capable of serving businesses for both marketing and communication purposes, SMS … Read More

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A2P messaging

Everything you need to know about A2P messaging

Table of Contents What is A2P messaging? A2P messaging stands for application-to-person messaging. This type of messaging is used by businesses to communicate with their customers. It is also called Business SMS or enterprise SMS. A2P messaging can be automated. … Read More

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How to acquire new customers through SMS text message links?

How to acquire new customers through SMS text message links? Table of Contents Introduction Besides adding email or phone call prompts on websites, business owners can also add an SMS text message link to initiate personalized conversations with customers. All … Read More

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Can you bcc a text?

Can you bcc a text message? Top 6 queries on bcc a text answered

Table of Contents What exactly is a BCC text? A BCC text or a Blind Carbon Copy text is also known as mass or broadcast texting it allows users to send a message to a group of people, without having the … Read More

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What is MMS group messaging? Benefits, Use cases, Rules, and Best practices

Table of Contents What is MMS group messaging? Before we delve into the intricacies of MMS group messaging, let’s first clarify MMS as a concept. What is MMS? Short for Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS goes beyond a simple text, It … Read More

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how to send text to multiple contacts without group message

How to send text to multiple contacts without group message?

Table of Contents How to send text to multiple contacts without group message? How to send text to multiple contacts without group message? This question may pop up, especially if you run a business. Sending texts to multiple contacts without … Read More

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cleaning business marketing

10 cleaning business marketing strategies to promote your business like a pro

Table of Contents Introduction to cleaning business marketing Cleaning business marketing can be a challenging pursuit because it entails not just selling your business but selling an unparalleled experience. With over $1.2 billion in revenues, the residential cleaning business in … Read More

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group text vs mass text

Group text vs mass text: Difference, Channels, What to use when?

Table of Contents Group text vs Mass text Text messaging is fast becoming the preferred communication channel for businesses across various domains as it is informative, non-intrusive, generates more responses and has the capacity to impact every business’s top line.  Did … Read More

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texting auto reply

15 texting auto reply examples for your business for every occasion

Table of Contents Introduction Imagine a situation where your client has contacted your business to seek information about a new service after business hours or during the weekend. But they didn’t receive any response. Wouldn’t that be frustrating for the … Read More

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