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Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates Reduced No-shows By 90% with Automated Reminders


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The Background

With a staunch objective of enhancing the quality of life of its patients, Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates strive to provide tech-enabled and readily accessible primary care services. Though the objectives of this promising healthcare facility were strong, it faced problems with respect to expanding its reach. With no metrics to track, low review ratings, and no way to follow up with patients; Mary Tilak and Associates faced difficulty in meeting its vision. In forage of solutions, a simple Google search led the facility to the doors of Emitrr, the capabilities of which transformed its patient experience journey.


Operating in two locations, Schererville and Highland, Dr. Mary Tilak & Associates came across a plethora of challenges that were affecting its sales and revenues.

With the landline being the main source for acquiring new patients, keeping up with the existing patients, addressing queries, booking appointments, and following up with patients; the facility couldn’t track its phone metrics on the following parameters:

  • How many calls were missed
  • How many calls were received
  • What was the Average Handling Time for each patient
  • What was the average wait time
  • Call metrics for each department

Out of all the calls received by Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates, 40 percent were missed, due to the high volume of incoming calls. This alarming number demonstrated a poor experience on the part of the patients, which further brought in negative reviews. With an average ticket size of $ 300, the facility was potentially making a loss of $ 390,000.

Patient interaction was another significant challenge that they faced as the patients had to log in to their portal to be able to communicate with the doctors.

The facility had a hard time reaching out to multiple patients at once, which made it difficult for scaling by the way of text messaging.

Any last-minute communication with all the scheduled patients was a cumbersome task as it had to be done by calling each patient manually.

The star ratings for both locations were less than 3, and the overall reviews were below 20, and these metrics did not contribute towards building the online presence, thereby resulting in low patient acquisition.

The process of confirming appointments was inconvenient, given that the patients had to login into the patient portal to do so. Also, there was no way to remind the patients of their upcoming appointments.

There was no strategy in place to reactivate patients who had earlier visited the practice and hadn’t had any appointments in a long time.

With so many bottlenecks affecting the growth of the practice, it was necessary to take the required measures to resolve those.

Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates implemented the most famous product functionalities offered by Emitrr that helped improve patient interaction and engagement.

The practice did consider other patient engagement and communication platforms such as Comcast Telecommunications, but it was Emitrr’s power of integration with their CRM that appealed to them the most.


The following capabilities stood out and helped solve the challenges that the practice had been facing:

10 percent of all the missed calls were booking requests, to deal with which, Emitrr’s Missed Call To Text feature was used. With this feature, the facility was able to reduce those missed opportunities. At present, the Average Handling Time is 3 minutes, and the Average Wait Time stands at 48 seconds. Patients loved the capability to text when a call was missed to such an extent that positive reviews started to flow in because of the great patient experience texting missed calls offered.

Emitrr’s Two-way Communication feature made patient communication seamless, right from booking and confirming appointments to sending reminders to patients. This feature reduced patient no-shows by 90 percent.

To be able to engage with more patients, Emitrr implemented text message campaigns, which registered an open rate of 98 percent.

To deal with the challenge of last-minute communication with patients, it was Emitrr’s Schedule-Based Communication capability worked wonders. It brought in operational efficiency as the providers could easily communicate with multiple patients at once by text enabling the entire schedule as shown below

Reputation management was made easier, with a couple of review campaigns in place, both manual and automated. Earlier, less than 5 percent of the total patients left reviews for the practice, which has now been covered by Emitrr’s review and reputation management capabilities. The practice now has more than 300 reviews for both its locations in just two months.

With a mindful implementation of Emitrr’s functionalities, the healthcare practice is on its way to building a potential business pipeline of 300,000. The ability to track metrics through the software was what worked for Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates which further helped escalate its growth and fulfilled its mission. Are you also looking for a similar boost in your revenue stream? If yes, then Emitrr’s capabilities are exactly what you need. Book a demo and get ready to transform your customer journey.

Overall Results

  • 3 minutes – average handle time
  • 48 seconds – average wait time
  • 300 new reviews – in 2 months
  • 90% reduction – in no-shows and cancellations