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Kroopin’s Poopin Scoopin cut down missed calls with Emitrr’s Missed-Call-to-Text


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The Background

Kroopin’s Poopin Scoopin is a top-rated dog waste removal company based in Michigan. It was started in 2018 by its founder Erica Kroopin. Since then Kroopin Poopin Scoopin has become an established name in the Pet Waste Removal industry. They strive to offer their customers excellent yard cleaning through their dog waste removal services. They offer one-time cleanings, weekly cleaning, multiple cleanings per week in select cities, and every other week cleanings. Providing an excellent experience and service is the focus at all times. Kroopin poopin show up to their customers’ homes dressed professionally with freshly sanitized equipment each and every time.

Kroopin’s Poopin Scoopin wanted to make sure that they were attending all their customer calls. As a pet waste removal company, it was imperative for them to connect with their callers as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they were missing a lot of customer calls, especially after hours i.e. ( 7 – 12 pm) and when the team was out on the field ( 1 – 3 PM ). They wanted a solution that would ensure that none of their customer calls went unattended and started exploring various solutions like answering services to help with the calls. It didn’t work as they were unable to answer all the customer queries and did not offer a great experience to the customer.

This is when they came across Emitrr on a Facebook group and started exploring ‘Missed call to Text’.

The Challenges

Providing a good customer experience was vital for Kroopin Poopin. With so many calls being missed, their customer experience was getting hampered. This was translating into a huge loss in revenue for Kroopin Poopin as :

  • Amongst the total number of calls being missed, 50% of them were for booking and estimates.
  • If they were not able to attend the call, these customer calls would then go to their competitor resulting in losing the potential customer forever.

Another big challenge that they were facing was that:

  • 25% of the incoming calls were missed because customers would call after hours, on weekends, or when the team was on the field.
  • They wanted to ensure that none of the customer calls were left unattended even if they were on weekends or after hours.

The first solution they thought of and implemented was that of an answering service. The challenge with using this solution was that the agents in the call center that provided that answering service, were not well versed in the industry and hence had limited knowledge. This meant that they were not able to provide a smooth customer experience to the callers.

To counter this problem they started looking for other solutions, and this is when they came across Emitrr.

The Solution

Kroopin Poopin employed Emitrr’s capabilities to deal with the above-mentioned challenges. Emitrr was able to help in the following way:

  • Attend to all missed customer calls by engaging the customers in a text conversation. This meant that every time a customer called and Kroopin Poopin was unable to answer, a text message would be sent to the customer.
  • Since 50% of the calls they were receiving were for quote estimates, these could be easily handled by Emitrr’s Missed call-to-text messaging capability. It ensured that customers were engaged and their queries were always solved.
  • Regardless of where the team was, they were able to constantly keep in touch with their customers.

This in turn significantly helped improve customer experience and engagement at Kroopin Poopin and generate more revenue from all the new customers they were able to convert.

Overall Results

  • 50% More Bookings
  • 100% Calls Answered