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The Background

Pinnacle Medical Group is a multi-specialty medical practice with 5 locations. They offer a wide range of medical services, including family medicine, urgent care, women’s health, pediatrics, and more. The practice is committed to providing exceptional care to patients in their local communities, with a focus on convenience, accessibility, and personalized attention. Pinnacle Medical Group also prioritizes the use of innovative technology to improve patient care and communication.

They were facing a challenge with their electronic medical record (EMR) system and communication with patients. Patients preferred to communicate via text message, and Pinnacle was struggling to respond to their needs effectively.

Pinnacle Medical Group’s communication struggles were particularly evident in two areas: reviews and appointment reminders. Before using Emitrr, they did not have a system in place to actively collect patient reviews. This lack of initiative resulted in few reviews, with some of their offices having only three or even zero reviews. Additionally, their previous appointment reminder system had limitations, with patients only receiving automated messages with no opportunity to confirm their appointment or ask questions.

Automating Patient Communication

In terms of appointment reminders, Emitrr enabled Pinnacle Medical Group to improve its communication with patients. Patients could confirm their appointments and ask questions via two-way texting, which helped to reduce the number of missed appointments and minimize phone tags. Pinnacle Medical Group was able to assign conversations to their front desk staff, who could follow up with patients and ensure that they had all the information they needed.

Automating Patient Reviews

With Emitrr’s help, they were able to overcome their struggles with reviews. Pinnacle Medical Group found that Emitrr provided an easy and effective way to collect reviews. Patients received an automated text message asking them to leave a review, and as a result, Pinnacle Medical Group saw a significant increase in the number of reviews they received. Within just three days of using Emitrr, they had over 90 reviews, and all four of their offices had improved ratings on Google and Facebook. Emitrr also allowed Pinnacle Medical Group to address negative reviews and work with patients to resolve any issues.

Overall Results

Emitrr helped Pinnacle Medical Group to improve its communication with patients and provide a better patient experience. By addressing their struggles with reviews and appointment reminders, Pinnacle Medical Group has been able to build a strong online reputation and improve patient retention.

  • 3x Growth in Online Reviews