Laundry Websites and Booking Flows Optimized for Conversion

Laundry Website and Booking Flow

Emitrr is a voice platform that helps Laundromats get booking orders via Alexa by publishing their skills on Alexa in under 5 minutes. Today we are taking a look at the Laundromats that offer the most seamless ways of booking a pickup and drop service. See behind the curtain of the booking flows of these distinct, high-growth Laundromats. All 4 bookings flows or websites are self-service — you can sign up on each site without having to go through a conversation with a team. Below, we have dissected each conversion funnel.

Laundrylicious & Spin Cycle Laundromats

Alexa Skill: While Laundrylicious and Spin Cycle Laundromats do offer to book via their website. Below is why Laundrylicious and Spin Cycle have a great conversion funnel on their Alexa Skill. Laundrylicious goes a step ahead in providing its customers the convenience and ease to place an order by just talking to Alexa from the comfort of their couch. Below is how easy it is for users to use the Alexa skill for placing an order:

User: Alexa, Open “Laundry Licious/Spin Cycle Laundromat”
Alexa: Welcome to the Laundry Licous/Spin Cycle Laundromats application – a place for your laundry needs. You can say: Place an order or what is the status of my order to begin
User: Place an order
Alexa: When would you like us to pick up the order. Just say a date and an approximate time. For example you can say tomorrow at 5 pm.
User: Tomorrow at 5pm
Alexa: Cool, you selected pick up for “tomorrow” at “5 PM”, Do you have any special notes? Say my note followed by the note or just say no to move ahead.
User: My Note: Please dry them well.
Alexa: Awesome, once the cleaning is complete we will calculate the amount to charge. Please authorize Laundrylicious/Spin Cycle Laundromats to use your amazon pay to charge later for the laundry service. Please say yes to authorize.
User: Yes
Alexa: Amazon pay will be used for your payments. Order is successful. We’ve setup your payment. You will be charged when the cleaning is complete. Thank you.

2019 is when Alexa broke into transactional use cases and Laundrylicious and Spin Cycle Laundromats are definitely the front runners in bringing voice to laundry.

Spin Cycle Laundromats goes a step ahead in ensuring that voice is a key driver of their revenue and that their customers know that there are easier ways of placing an order for a laundry. Take a look at their voice conversion funnel on the website:

Spin Cycle Laundromats Website Homepage announcing their voice ordering capability.

The image above represents how Spin Cycle Laundromats announces their Alexa skill to their website traffic, driving them to enable the Alexa skill and order with the ease of talking to Alexa. Once a user clicks on Learn more, they are redirected the next page in the funnel, which talks about all the details related to the voice ordering, FAQ’s, payments, order cancelation, privacy and interactions one can have with the Alexa skill for Spin Cycle Laundromats. Take a look below:

Spin Cycle Laundromats landing page dedicated to voice ordering

You can find the Laundry Licious and Spin Cycle Laundromats Alexa Skill on the Amazon Skill Store below:

2. I Hate Ironing:

I hate ironing has a great website and booking flow from a conversion perspective.

  • The home page clearly talks about the advantages of using ihateironing. Although everyone talks about advantages, ihateironing goes a step ahead by making it personalized by talking about problems customers usually face, below is how:
    • Wake up happy with a box fresh, beautifully pressed work shirt and dry cleaning
    • Skip standing in line, let us come to you with our super fast laundry and dry cleaning services
    • Free time is precious so let us take care of laundry and dry cleaning: Isn’t this extremely true, I personally hate doing laundry during my free time!
    • Looking sharp: You take time to look and feel good, we’ll take care of your wardrobe. Laundry & dry cleaning all sorted.
I Hate Ironing
I hate Ironing Home Page

Form Fill: Simple and straight forward form fill with location and pick up and drop of slots. In addition, I hate ironing lets users know how easy the process is. This helps the customer know what is expected of them right in the beginning.

I hate Ironing
How it works – I Hate Ironing

3. Rinse:

What makes Rinse stand out is:

  • How it works video: We all know that 2019 is all about videos and that videos are way more personalized compared to images or illustrations. Rinse has a video on their website that makes it easy for customers to understand How it works by removing the cognitive load of reading. 
  • In addition to the video, Rinse offers a Signup with Facebook/Gmail option which makes a lot more easier than entering details. 
Rinse Website Conversion Flow - Emitrr
Rinse Signup via Facebook/Gmail
  • Subscription services: Choose your new laundry day – any day of the week! Rinse will come to your door to pick up your clothes on the same day of each week (or every other week, depending on your plan), always between 8pm and 10pm. And delivery is free! This works well for people who are aware of their schedule ahead of time and of course it converts well as subscriptions are always much more economical.

4. Orangebag:

Orangebag offers two customer focussed capabilities on their website which can really work as a conversion magnet:

  • Gift Cards: Giftcards are a great way to attract customers. Before we get into talking about gift cards, it is worth mentioning that if you are not already offering gift cards, you’re almost certainly decreasing your customer base:
    • A research done by CEB global says that 2015 gift cards sales in US $130B, a 6% increase from 2014, and this is only going go grow. So if you dont yet have a strategy in place for gift cards, now is the time.
  • FAQS: As Neil Patel says, your FAQ page represents one of the most valuable moments in a conversion funnel. No where else does a visitor indicate more desperately that they want to know more about the product. Orange bag does a great job by providing all the details a customer would need to decide whether to make a laundry purchase with Orange bag or not and thats what makes their website ready for conversion. The FAQ page of Orange bag talks about things like:
    1. What services does Orangebag provide
    2. What can i fit in my Orangebag
    3. Is there a minimum order and so on!
Orangebag - FAQs section
Orangebag – FAQs on website

About Emitrr: Emitrr is a voice first platform for eCommerce/Retail Stores and Laundromats. We work with customers helping them enable voice ordering/voice checkout. Take a look here

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