Dental Treatment Plan


What is a dental treatment plan?

A dental treatment plan is a document generated by the dentist that outlines the details of a patient’s recommended dental treatments. The document also contains the patient’s personal information and insurance information. The treatment plan is created by the dentist after doing an oral evaluation of the patient. The type of treatment recommended by the dentist could be preventive care, restorative care, or cosmetic procedures.

What is the importance of a dental treatment plan?

The dental treatment plan is important because:

  1. It helps the patient understand the treatment plan that the dentist has laid out for them.
  2. It helps to collect all important information about the patient.
  3. It helps the patient and dental provider work together to achieve the patient’s oral health goals.
  4. If required, coordination with other dentists can also be made easy with the dental treatment plan.

Who fills out the dental treatment form?

The treatment plan form is filled out either by the dentist, dental hygienist, or the dentist’s staff under the guidance of the dentist. The patient also has to provide their information and signature, therefore both the patient and the dentist can complete the treatment plan form together.

What information is needed to fill out the treatment plan?

The following patient details are needed:

  1. Patient full name
  2. Patient’s phone number
  3. Patient’s email
  4. Patient’s date of birth
  5. Patient’s employer
  6. Patient’s address
  7. Insurance details: group policy, certificate number, social insurance no
  8. Patient’s signature

The following details are needed from the dentist:

  1. Dentist’s name
  2. Dentist’s email
  3. Dentist’s phone number
  4. Recommended treatment plan
  5. Details of the recommended treatment plan
  6. Dentist’s signature