Massage Therapy Consent Form


Massage Therapy Consent Form

What is a massage therapy consent form?

A massage therapy consent form is a document that is filled out by a client who seeks to avail massage therapy from a therapist. The main aim of this form is to secure the consent of the client and familiarize them with the terms and conditions of the massage therapy that they are signing up for. It highlights not just the details of the client but also their rights and the responsibilities of the therapist. The absence of sexual intent, consultation with a physician before undertaking therapy, products used, and the fact that the clinic won’t bear any responsibilities in case of injury are the main elements of consent in the form. 

What purpose does a massage therapy consent form serve?

This form serves as a crucial tool to establish a sound understanding of the therapy process between the client and the therapist. It helps create a strong rapport between the two parties, clearly stating the goals of the client and the responsibilities and offerings of the therapist. Right from the goals of the therapy to the techniques used, from medical history to current health conditions, the form includes all details that a therapist needs to devise a tailored therapy session for the client. 

What details are included in a massage therapy consent form? 

A massage therapy consent form contains: 

  • Personal details of the client
  • Details of emergency contact 
  • Current health conditions
  • Health history (injuries, medications, surgeries, hospitalisations)
  • Client consent 

What are the legal requirements of a massage therapy consent form? 

Though there isn’t any legal compulsion for a massage therapy form to be filled, it is considered to be a general practice that all clinics must stress upon, to ensure that in case of any dispute, they have the consent form as proof. It is the therapist’s duty to understand whether a consent form is required in their clinic and if there are any legal guidelines that they must be following. 

Who fills out a massage therapy consent form?

This form is typically filled out by a client and signed, after going through all the terms and conditions mentioned in the form. It is then reviewed and carefully analysed by the therapist to understand the needs and preferences of the client and devise the best possible therapy session to help meet their therapy goals.