New patient medical history form


New patient medical history form

What is a new patient medical history form?

A new patient medical history form is an important document that is used by healthcare providers to assess the existing and past condition of their patients before they make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. This form is used when a patient visits a clinic for the first time.  

Why is a new patient medical history form necessary?

A new patient form acts as an important tool for the healthcare provider to understand the patient’s health history in a comprehensive way. It helps the provider learn about the allergies that the patient has had if he has been hospitalized or has had any surgeries in the past or any potential risks that he needs to be aware of. Without this information, the provider would not be able to develop a tailored treatment plan for the patient, which might affect the quality of care. 

Who fills out a new patient medical history form?

A medical history form is filled out by the patients as they can best describe their personal health conditions. In case the patient is severely ill or a minor, then their guardian is required to fill out the form. If the patients want the healthcare provider to assess their condition way ahead of their appointment, then they can fill the medical history form online or electronically. 

What details are included in a new patient medical history form?

In a new patient medical history form, the patient needs to provide a clear and accurate account of the following: 

  • Name, contact information, date of birth
  • Childhood illness 
  • Surgeries
  • Immunizations
  • History of blood transfusion
  • Medications taking currently/taken in the past
  • Allergies
  • Exercise routine
  • Diet 
  • Caffeine/alcohol/tobacco consumption 
  • Questions regarding mental health 
  • Family health history 
  • Details regarding menstruation/pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Changes in weight, energy, sleep cycle, other discomforts
  • Current symptoms 
  • Health goals 
  • Emergency contact information 
  • Patient consent 

What is the best practice as a facility owner with regard to new patient medical history forms?

A facility owner must ensure to have medical history forms are filled out by the patients to understand the health history of the patients and identify any potential concerns. They must also design the form in a way that is easier for the patients to fill it out and have more objective questions in it. When patients fill out the form, the owner must ensure to keep the information safeguarded in an electronic database and not disclose it to anyone. Doing so means breaching HIPAA’s code of ethics and inviting legal penalties. Lastly, the owner must have the written consent of the patients before obtaining patient health information.