Perio Charting Form



Periodontal charting refers to the process of measuring the space between the tooth and the gum tissue, also known as pockets. This simple and painless process is used by dentists to assess the overall health of the gums, teeth, and jaws; and to detect gum disease. It is an important process in preventive dental care and dentists often use the perio charting form to measure pockets. Let’s understand why the form is required, what benefits it serves, and why it should be digitized. 

What is a Perio Charting form?

A Perio charting form is a document used to record a patient’s tooth and gum health. It monitors and tracks the presence and progression of periodontal disease and analyzes the depth of Perio pockets. This medical form helps the dentist accurately document the health of the patient’s structures of the mouth. 

The Perio Charting form contains 32 separate columns for each of the 32 teeth, which are filled out upon analyzing the tooth mobility, bleeding, furcation, plaque, and other elements for each of the teeth. This analysis further allows the dentist to detect gum disease and provide appropriate diagnosis. 

Do you need a Perio Charting form?

In order to measure the overall tooth and gum health of the patient, you need to have a Perio Charting form. You need it if you’re: 

  • A periodontist or a dentist, wanting to create a personalized treatment plan for the patient and track overall progress 
  • A dental hygienist, wanting to conduct routine dental examinations or therapy appointments to educate patients on periodontal health, identify areas of concern, and design personalized oral hygiene plans 
  • A student or a dental trainee, looking forward to enhancing your diagnostic abilities and exploring periodontal conditions in greater depth  

Whether you are a dental professional or a front desk manager at a dental practice, you would need to download the Perio charting form, print it, fill it out, scan it, and upload it. If there are any changes to be made to the form, you’d delete the existing form, download a fresh form, print it, fill it out, scan it again, and upload it. Imagine how much time it would take for you to do that. 

What if we told you that you could digitize the form, wherein you could edit details, add photographs and signatures electronically, share the form remotely, manage access to the form, and even integrate it with your dental software?

Yes, it is possible! If you want to streamline the overall workflow of your practice, keep reading! 

Why should you digitize this form? 

Here are some of the benefits of digitizing the Perio Charting form: 

  • You can easily edit the form if you want to make any changes to it. From highlighting data for discretion to adding comments; you can edit it as per your requirements. 
  • You need not print the form to add your signature to it. You can draw the signature digitally or add an image of your signature.
  • You can share the form via a URL, download it, and export it to your cloud storage device easily. 

How to use the Perio Charting form? 

Here are some steps to make the best use of the Perio Charting form: 

  1. Add the patient’s personal information such as their name, date of birth, and contact details 
  2. Make sure to mention the date of Perio Charting and add other relevant information 
  3. To examine the patient’s mouth, start with the upper right quadrant and assess each tooth. Note down your observations in the space given
  4. Ensure that all the information mentioned is accurate, no aspect of the examination is left out, and there are no errors in the form 

How can you digitize the Perio Charting form with Emitrr?

You can easily digitize the Perio Charting form with Emitrr, saving 4+ hours of daily time. Here’s how: 

  1. You can download the available template and customize it as per your needs. Make sure to refer to the guidelines of your local dental board before using the form. 
  2. Since the form is digital you can easily add or omit any information that you want, which means no more re-work! 
  3. If you switch to a HIPAA-compliant form builder like Emitrr, you can ensure patient confidentiality and compliance, which is an added layer of security. 
  4. The form can easily integrate with your dental software. You can check if Emitrr integrates with your dental software here:   
  5. The form is compatible with all kinds of devices and can also be shared remotely

All in all, if you are struggling to keep track of your Perio Charting forms and are looking forward to a solution that helps save time and enhances operational workflow, then reach out to us and get your forms digitized, absolutely free of cost!