Root Canal Consent Form



Developing a strong rapport with your patient is key to enhancing their dental health. A key element of the same is getting the informed consent of the patients before providing treatment. It is important to discuss treatment options with the patient to ensure their active participation in their oral care. 

For a treatment like a root canal, it is important to familiarize patients with the details of the root canal treatment and the anticipated results, discuss the risks associated with the treatment, and inform them about the alternative options available. 

To ensure that both you and your patient are on the same page, it is always advisable to get the informed consent of the patient, by the way of a Root Canal Consent Form. Let’s understand what it contains and why you should digitize the same. 

What is the Root Canal Consent Form?

The Root Canal Consent Form is a document that is used to get the written consent of the patient before performing a root canal treatment. This form outlines the details of the treatment, the potential risks associated with the treatment, the alternatives considered, and the prescribed medications. 

It highlights that the patient has understood the procedure and is aware of the risks and that the treatment is an attempt to save the tooth that could otherwise require extraction. 

Why is this form important? 

The Root Canal Consent Form is important for a host of reasons mentioned as under: 

  1. The form ensures a firm understanding between the patient and the dental practitioner. The informed consent of the patient is the permission given by the patient for performing root canal treatment. 
  2. This form is important as it records the consent of the patient, which can be presented as legal proof if there are some complications later on. This protects the rights of not just the patient but also the dental practitioner
  3. As per the HIPAA-compliance laws, it is important to get the legal consent of the patient before performing any procedure. Any failure to do the same can lead to legal action and hefty fines. 

Why should you digitize the Root Canal Consent Form?

Here are some key reasons why you should digitize this form: 

  1. Your patient will not have to read the forms in a hurry in your waiting rooms or visit physically to sign the form. They can do so in the comfort of their homes and send the form across before they undergo the treatment. 
  2. You need not scan each paper form individually and upload it to your system. The digital form can be easily integrated with your dental software or EHR, relieving you of all this manual work and saving 3-4 hours of daily time. 
  3. When you digitize the form, it becomes easier to maintain all the documents of the patient in one centralized and secure place. It allows you to keep patient data secure and away from unauthorized access, thereby maintaining HIPAA compliance
  4. You can easily customize the flow of the forms that your patients send you, which further helps enhance the operational efficiency of your dental practice. 

How can you digitize the Root Canal Consent Form? Best practices to follow 

Here are some of the best practices that you can follow when you digitize the Root Canal Consent Form: 

  1. Send the form to the patient as a link in a text message. Ask them to read the form carefully before providing consent. 
  2. In addition to asking for their consent, ask them to upload their signature on the given space, which will further cement their decision. 
  3. Acknowledge any questions that they might have and clear their doubts promptly. 
  4. Send reminders and follow-up messages to ensure that the patient doesn’t miss out on filling out the form before the procedure. 

How can Emitrr help digitize the Root Canal Consent Form? 

Here’s how Emitrr can help you digitize the Root Canal Consent Form: 

  1. You can either download and customize the form available here or you can send us your paper form and we will digitize it for free. 
  2. You can edit any information that you wish to, which further eliminates the possibility of error or rework. 
  3. With Emitrr, you can send automated text messages to your patients reminding them to fill out the form and can even follow up with them. 
  4. You can integrate this form into your dental software. If you wish to check if Emitrr integrates with your EHR/EMR, explore this list of integrations:
  5. You can send the digitized form to any device as the form is designed to be compatible with all kinds of devices

All in all, if you are struggling to keep track of your Root Canal Consent Form and are looking forward to a solution that helps save time and enhances operational workflow, then reach out to us and get your forms digitized, absolutely free of cost!