Therapy Consent Form


Therapy Consent Form

What is a therapy consent form?   

A therapy consent form is a document used to secure clients’ written consent for mental health treatment. It is provided by the counselling services to ensure that the client and the therapist are on the same page, with respect to the goals of the treatment, the techniques used, and the areas in which the client needs help. The form reflects upon the rights of the client and the responsibilities of the therapist and the agreement of the two parties with respect to the treatment in question. 

Why is this form necessary? 

A therapy consent form is an important document that establishes a clear understanding between the therapist and the client with respect to the therapy process. It helps ensure that both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the treatment, the information of the client is kept confidential, and a strong rapport between the client and the therapist is maintained. 

What information should be included in a therapy consent form?

The form must include the following information:

  • Nature and goals of the therapy
  • Areas of therapy targeted 
  • Rights of the client 
  • Responsibilities of the therapist 
  • Types of treatment used 
  • Frequency of sessions 
  • Duration of each session 
  • Declaration by the therapist 
  • Consent of the client/patient 

Who should fill out a therapy consent form?

A therapy consent form is typically filled out by the client first and then reviewed carefully by the therapist. Both parties have to sign the form before proceeding with the treatment. The client should fill in the correct information and the therapist should analyze all the details to put forth the best course of action that is comfortable for the client and helps them reach their desired goal. 

Is it possible to fill out a therapy consent form online?

Yes, a therapy consent form can be filled out electronically, if clients wish to fill the form well in advance of their appointment. Doing so gives the therapist ample time to understand the requirements of the client and plan the best possible approach for therapy. It also cements the terms and conditions of the therapist-client relationship. 

Are there any legal requirements pertaining to a therapy consent form? 

A therapy consent form outlines the nature of the therapy, the responsibilities of the therapist, and the rights of the client. There exist a few legal requirements that all therapists must be aware of: 

  • There must be a detailed explanation of the therapy, including the goals, the procedure, and the duration.
  • It should include a statement that assures the client about confidentiality of information, adherence to ethical standards, and providing a comfortable and safe environment. 
  • There must be a brief explanation of the therapist’s qualifications and years of experience.
  • The form should clearly state the client’s rights such as termination of therapy, receiving therapy records, and receiving referrals. 
  • It should provide space for the client’s signature, which would signify that the client has agreed to proceed with the therapy.