Make your eCommerce store voice enabled with your own white labeled voice app on platforms like Alexa and Google Home.!

Allow customers to reorder from your Shopify store from the comfort of their couch by just talking to Alexa

Emitrr's tested and certified voice platform brings in everything you need for enabling voice commerce on your Shopify store - payments, reordering, order status, check previous order, coupons and deals and more.

Alexa, how can eCommerce stores use Emitrr?
What does that mean?
Great, I’d love to know more!
You can launch your store on voice using Emirrr.
It means customers can order from your store using Alexa or Google Home
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Shopify Voice Example


 Alexa, Open Gregorys


Welcome to Gregorys, you can either say repeat my last order or say what are my previous orders.


 Repeat my last order


Adding 1 quantity of Cafe mocha to your cart. Say Yes to place your order!




Placing your order for 1 items of total amount of $3. 203, 42nd Times Square will be used for delivery within 30 minutes. Say yes to authorize to use Amazon Pay.


 Yes, I authorize Amazon Pay


Thank you for authorizing Amazon Pay. $3 will be paid using Amazon Pay. Order is successfully placed. Thank you for using our services.


Your custom Shopify Alexa skill or Google action will include the following:

Capability to reorder using Alexa

You customers can simply ask Alexa or google home to repeat their last order from your shopify store. Repeating an order was never this easy.

Capability to track their order status

Once an order is placed from your Shopify store using Alexa, they can also ask Alexa or google home to track the status of their order. Tracking status is the most common habit of store customers and what better than asking Alexa

Voice Payments

Not only can customers place an order through their Alexa or google home. Voice takes convenience to its maximum. They can also process payments for their voice order through Alexa itself. Dont worry! We'll create an order and a payment in your Shopify POS for you.

Convert your Shopify store into an Alexa Skill or a Google Action quickly!

Emitrr not only makes it easy for Shopify store owners to have a voice enabled Alexa skill but also allows for users to design their alexa skill interactions

As a Shopify store owner you can define interactions for your Alexa skill. You can ask Alexa to respond to your user based on your learnings from customer interactions. Design your alexa skills welcome message, order confirmation, help text, delivery message and more.


Integrate your Shopify store to Emitrr.


Design your Alexa skill for Shopify.


Deploy your skill on the Amazon Alexa skill store.

Dont have a Shopify store?

Work with other platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce?
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