Ways to connect with customers

5 Ways to Connect With Customers


As a business owner, you want consumers to appreciate your goods and services as much as you do. Whether you bake the tastiest cupcakes in town, create pristine landscape designs or offer something in between, engagement with customers turns them into repeat clientele. These five steps can help you connect with consumers and turn them into loyal buyers.

1. Chain of Command


By establishing a chain of command among your staff, everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities and direct reports. Having a straightforward hierarchy creates a well-functioning business that serves its shoppers well because everyone knows their jobs and when to loop in management.

This can also save you time to attend to customer-related tasks. The more time saved to focus on consumer-oriented responsibilities, the more the needs of your clients receive priority. Free up more hours by outsourcing specific jobs, such as using answering software from Emitrr or creating a limited liability company, which can save you paperwork in the long run. When registering as an LLC, save time and money by hiring LLC formation services instead of utilizing a lawyer. Just remember, LLC regulations vary by state, so have a clear understanding of the rules in your state.

2. Education


For consumers to get the best service possible, your staff must remain knowledgeable about products and services. If someone calls your business or walks into your storefront with a question that the employee cannot answer, this reflects poorly on your company. All staff, especially client-facing employees, need to be well-versed in all things consumer-related.

One of the best ways to do this is by regularly educating the staff on products and services. When a new employee starts with the company, he or she should go through product orientation developed by human resources, sales, and marketing. Have your employees go through training every time a new product or service is released or at least a couple of times a year as a refresher.

3. Feedback


Who better to tell you how your customers feel than the customers themselves? Proactively reach out to your patrons for feedback on services, merchandise, and experiences. By doing so, you learn areas where the company is succeeding, as well as what improvements are needed.

There are numerous ways to request feedback, including email, phone, and receipt surveys. Entice buyers to complete the feedback request by offering an incentive, such as 10% off their next purchase.

4. Newsletter


By sending customers a regular newsletter, they stay current on your offerings and any changes in the business, such as holiday hours or renovations. Ask for the customer’s email when they sign up for services or purchase goods.

A great alternative to a traditional email newsletter is social media. Encourage consumers to follow your business page on social media sites and post company news and updates online.

5. Online Scheduling and Ordering


According to a 2021 report, 57% of buyers favor shopping online versus in person. Offering services online provides a convenient option for those who are busy or unable to go to a storefront. Therefore, you need to cater to this demographic by offering online alternatives, such as scheduling and ordering. Collaborate with your marketing team to include these options on your website or outsource the task to a company that specializes in website design and function.

Connecting with consumers is a vital part of every business. Implement these five practices to improve engagement with your customers and to create a satisfied, repeat clientele.

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Written exclusively for Emitrr by Vanessa Holwell

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