Everything you need to know about dental appointment reminder software

Dental appointment reminder software


Having a dental practice is no easy feat. It involves juggling a plethora of things – from managing patients to scheduling appointments and ensuring high patient satisfaction. It becomes inevitable to lose focus on the task at hand and get lost in the sea of no-shows and missed appointments. So why not empower your dental business and your patients with dental appointment reminder software? With technology surging through all aspects of healthcare, manual calling and scheduling appointments is a thing of the past. The advent of a new era is paved by the power of automation through dental appointment reminder software that has eliminated the tedium to increase response rates and conversions. In this article, we will share how automating appointment reminders can revolutionize your dental practice. 

What is dental reminder software and how does it work?

A dental reminder software lets you automate appointment scheduling and share the communication with your patients via SMS, email, and phone calls. You can set alerts and send reminders and customized messages to your patients via different communication channels. It can handle cancellations, no-shows, or rescheduling while you can focus solely on your dental practice. According to a research study, no-shows and missed appointments cost up to $150 billion per year to the US healthcare system. Another study says that these missed appointments lead to 70% attrition rates in patients. It goes without saying that the best way to reduce missed appointments is to predict them. A dental appointment reminder software is the best solution to ensure a seamless service while reducing no-shows by up to 90%. 

HIPAA compliance with dental appointment reminder software

Privacy is a crucial factor for any dental practitioner to forge trusted and long-term relations with the patients. If you are wondering that all kinds of automated communication through various channels is allowed in a dental appointment reminder software under the Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the answer is yes. The United States government passed HIPAA to ensure the security of patient data under federal law. This applies to all phone calls, messages, and emails to manage patient appointments through the appointment reminder software. It is recommended to choose a HIPAA-compliant software or app for hassle-free and productive communication with your patients. 

Need for a dental appointment reminder software 

Having a dental appointment reminder software benefits healthcare professionals and patients equally. Below are some ways it can help you grow your business by automating patient appointments –

  • Reduce no-shows  

Everyone loves to text these days. It has been found that millennials and GenZs prefer text messages over calls. Additionally, a phone call may take 15 minutes or so to convey four lines of information that could have been a text. Text reminders using dental appointment reminder software give more autonomy to younger patients. Additionally, reminders sent on the day of your patient’s appointment will encourage them to not miss it and reduce no-shows. 

  • Reduced waiting queues 

Using automated reminders will help manage the no-shows and optimize appointment schedules. This offers a seamless experience to your patients as they do not have to wait up in long lines for the available appointment. 

  • Improved efficiency 

If you and your staff are manually calling your patients or following up on their appointments, it can waste a lot of time and energy. Automation of reminders allows your staff to focus on important tasks and spend more time tending to patients. 

  • Boost revenue

Missed and mismanaged appointments directly contribute to the loss of revenue in dental practices. With the reduction in no-shows, you can ensure that patients show up for their appointments which further improves your practice’s revenue.

  • Improved patient loyalty and satisfaction 

A successful dental practice relies on a loyal patient base. About 38% of patients forgot their appointment and nearly 7% said they didn’t know how to get to their appointment, as per a 2016 study. A good dental appointment reminder software helps streamline communication across various channels. You can customize reminders depending on your patient’s preference. Additionally, patients can also swiftly get in touch with you via text, email, or call. Keeping the line of communication open with your patients leads to satisfied clients. 

  • Optimize cancellations

If a patient wants to cancel an appointment, the appointment reminder software can quickly fill that slot with another appointment.

  • Keep your schedule full

As a dental practitioner, you can ensure that your calendar is duly filled up with the help of the appointment reminder software. It will handle scheduling, re-scheduling, or cancellations so that you spend less time on mundane tasks and focus on improving the productivity of your practice. 

How automated dental appointment reminders work? How do they benefit your practice?

Automated dental appointment reminders send a customized message or email to the patient at any time or day. Calling the patients and confirming or re-confirming every appointment is inefficient. To reduce the legwork, the dental appointment reminder software comes with straightforward and professional templates. It is easy to send or edit these templates to suit your needs without wasting any time. These templates are easy to understand and allow patients to respond quickly to them. If a patient responds – “I won’t be available for a week,” then the dental scheduling software will recognize it as a follow-up and the system will reschedule the appointment.   

Automated dental reminders help to proactively engage patients in the process and reduce the risk of missed appointments. Additionally, it improves the overall patient experience. Delayed appointments are another productivity killer. With automated dental reminder templates, you can give heads up to your patients to reach early so that your workflow is not disrupted along with their treatment. You can filter the type of messages from the template list and simply customize the patient’s name before you send them. Overall, the automated aspects of appointment reminders make your front desk efficient.  

Quick tips to reduce no-shows and appointment cancellations at your dental practice 

A successful dental practice can’t afford to be stood up by the patients. Of course, there will be a possibility of no-shows and cancellations from time to time. But what if they can be eliminated? A great dental appointment reminder software ensures that your practice is not getting hampered by no-shows and your chair is rarely empty. 

Here are some quick tips to reduce no-shows at your dental practice –

  • Create a sense of value and safety for your patients – With the COVID-19 pandemic still evolving, it is a good dental practice to establish a safe spot for your patients with better communication. Using customized emails and text messages, you can help alleviate the fears of patients prior to their appointments and also add a sense of value to them.
  • Send reminders beforehand – Sending reminders is the surest way to reduce no-shows and cancellations. With an appointment reminder software, you can send text and phone reminders prior to the appointments. You can send a same-day reminder if the patient has not confirmed the appointment yet. 
  • Digitize patient registrations –Replace your clipboard with electronic forms to facilitate contactless check-ins using the right dental appointment reminder software. This helps your patients save time during their appointment and set expectations for a hassle-free and relaxing visit.
  • Prepaid appointments – Another great way to reduce no-shows and cancellations is to offer the option of prepaid appointments. Patients are more committed to showing up when they have to pay in advance. As a dental practitioner, you will have one less thing to think about. Alternatively, you can also set ramifications for no-shows or last-minute cancellations by charging them a certain fee. 

How does Emitrr’s appointment reminder software help streamline your dental practice?

Emittr’s appointment reminder software helps to proactively inform your patients of their upcoming appointments through the preferred channel of communication. You do not need to keep physical records of appointments or manually call up your patients. Emitrr is HIPAA-compliant scheduling software that automates reminders via text messages, email, and phone calls. Our software allows you to customize messages and reminders as per your practice requirements. The two-way text feature allows patients to interact with you in a safe and effective manner. With Emitrr, you can send automated alerts or messages to the patients at regular intervals to remind them of weekly or monthly appointments. This allows dental businesses to retain more clients and build a solid patient base for consistent revenue. You can use Emitrr’s dental appointment reminder software to –

  • Reduce no-shows and manage cancellations.
  • Personalize communication depending on your practice and patients’ needs.
  • Get your schedule up and running by automatically filling up the slots for any missed appointments.
  • Recall patients with whom you haven’t been in touch for a while.
  • Schedule appointments and send appointment reminders to follow up with patients.
  • Get access to templates to quickly respond to patients.
  • Facilitate two-way communication for ease of access.
  • Access schedule-based text feature for last-minute cancellations.
  • Schedule group texts or messages in bulk. 
  • Generate reviews effortlessly with our ‘review request’ feature. 
  • Improve profits and customer satisfaction. 
  • Add value to your patients and build loyalty. 


Communication between the dental practitioner and patient is of paramount importance. Using robust dental appointment reminder software, you can create rewarding interactions across various touch points. Emitrr is a comprehensive customer interaction solution that offers a one-stop solution to engage with your patients across different channels of communication. The entire process is automated and seamless. It can easily integrate with your existing CRM/EHR to send out appointment reminders, and schedule and manage appointments without the need for human intervention. You can leverage the features of Emitrr to drive growth for your dental business to keep your profitability high. If you are looking to have a thriving dental business where your focus is not only to acquire new patients but to build lasting relationships, then a complete patient engagement software solution like Emitrr is what you need. So book a demo right away and make your operations seamless. 

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