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Top 7 reasons why your business needs plumbing software

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All businesses work towards a common goal of getting more return on investment. A plumbing business is no different. Whether you are new in the plumbing business and want to keep it afloat or you are looking for ways to outperform the competition, it is crucial to invest in a software solution. Having plumbing software can be the best investment you can make in the digital age. Apart from increasing the business ROI, it comes with a plethora of other benefits and features which make it well worth it! In this article, we will explore the benefits of having a plumbing software for your business and more. 

Benefits of using plumbing software

The plumbing industry in the US is worth $134.1 bn and the market size has grown by 3.2 percent per year on average between 2017 and 2022, according to a report by IBIS World. 1 in 10 adults was plagued by bad plumbing last year whereas 0.5% of the adults needed them more than thrice in the past year, per a survey. Managing a skilled trade like plumbing can be difficult on its own, especially the associated costs required to run the business and staff. Having dedicated software will do wonders for your business and offer these key benefits: 

Documentation management

One of the best perks of having plumbing software is the ease of managing documents. Gone are the days when businesses used to create elaborate paper trails. It is easy to create, store and manage documents virtually. This avoids the risk of getting them damaged or lost as well. Moreover, digital documents can be accessed from any location by more than one person simultaneously. You can also keep their backup on the cloud storage to store them safely. 

Time management

It can be extremely difficult to keep track of expenses, appointments, and efficiency as your business grows. Not to mention the time and energy that gets invested in getting the ball rolling. Plumbing software makes it easy to create and manage daily reports, manage dispatches, schedule appointments, track equipment, and so on. All this can be done more fluidly while saving a lot of time. Additionally, you can keep records of your old schedules and expenses which can be quickly assessed for future estimates. 

Save overhead costs

Overhead costs in plumbing can be huge especially when you have a large-scale business. You can save a lot on your monthly expenses with the help of plumbing software. In addition to that, you can also save on manpower as there will be less manual and data-input work. This time can be saved in serving more customers and generating more revenue. 

Streamlined logistics

Plumbing software keeps track of dispatches and works in one place. It lets you stay updated and on top of the things related to payments and logistics. It handles the entire workflow, facilitates asset management, and keeps everything secure. You can access daily records from one place. Tracking everything increases the accountability of employees and is good for business. 

Fast communication

Communication is the key to the success of any business. Plumbing software will reduce the chances of miscommunication and missed appointments. When the crew has clear instructions to follow on the job site, things will go smoothly. With the plumbing software, you can also connect virtually to your clients to give estimates, exchange important documents and add updates.    

Bid management

Service-based businesses like plumbing require estimation of bids and sharing it with potential clients in a convenient manner. Plumbing software is a great tool to figure out exact estimates regarding the labor, equipment, administration, and other factors correctly. You can automate service agreements and share them conveniently with the clients. You can also look at past bids and estimates to formulate future bid estimates. 

Secure and portable

You can ditch Excel sheets and calendar apps for an advanced plumbing software solution that lets you manage and track everything from one place. All this is done in a secure manner which means that you can personalize the software and grant permission to the right people to access it. To add another layer of security, you can opt for cloud storage and take control of everything. In case of any potential system compromise or mishap, the data can be easily retrieved from the cloud storage. Additionally, you can leverage the portability feature of the software and access it on mobile as well. Workforce can use it on project sites using mobile which further helps to enhance customer satisfaction.  

What happens when you don’t use plumbing software? 

We get it, some of you might be on the fence about the idea of having dedicated plumbing software. But hear us out! Without plumbing software, you will miss out on not only its benefits but may encounter the following issues –

    • Lack of clear communication- Just like any other business, plumbing requires direct and clear communication to get work done smoothly. Lack of software may result in chances of miscommunication leading to a waste of time and potential resources. If the technicians are not able to access the right information, they won’t be able to perform well on their job. This may further lead to confusion and result in a decline in revenue. 
    • Scheduling issues – It can be cumbersome to schedule every appointment manually especially if you are a mid-sized business. Additionally, human error poses a persistent problem that often leads to scheduling conflicts. These scheduling issues will look bad on your plumbing business and may cost you loyal clients. Aside from this, it is difficult to manage the workflow on busy days due to the lack of a proper software solution. This can be a huge concern causing customer dissatisfaction. 
    • Difficult to maintain paperwork – Imagine having to maintain paperwork for every plumbing appointment in this digital age. Chaotic, right?! Not to mention, a waste of time while scouring through file cabinets and delays in communication thereof. You do not want to lose out on revenue and repeat business. 

Why do you need a plumbing software? 

Digitization has influenced every business and the plumbing business is no exception. In the US, 1 out of 10 adults needs plumbing more than once in 2021, and out of them those in the age groups between 25 and 34 years need them the most, according to a survey. If you want to grow your business and get ahead of your competitors, it is vital to embrace technology with the help of plumbing software below are enlisted some key reasons to do so –

  • Affordable solution – Plumbing software is an affordable way to schedule, re-schedule, cancel or modify your appointments. 
  • Portability – When it comes to a business like plumbing that requires field work, portability is an important factor. Plumbing software can be moved from one computing environment to another without any hassle. This also enhances the possibility of mobile computing during fieldwork. The crew and technicians can access the software to access data, manage appointments, take notes, and so on. This lowers the time taken to transfer data physically and makes the business more efficient. 
  • Ease of business communication – Having plumbing software will make business and client communication easy and hassle-free. It reduces errors and double bookings while making the workflow smoother. You can also sync your data on the cloud in real time and create backups. 
  • Bid calculation – For large plumbing companies that manage commercial plumbing work on a big scale, plumbing software helps in providing bid estimates. This can be a tedious task to do manually or on your own. Plumbing software will simplify generating estimates and streamline bidding. 

Trends in Plumbing Software Business 

If you are new to the plumbing business, you might want to take a look at the latest industry trends to give it a boost –

  • Embrace smart technology – Today’s consumers look for plumbing experts who are tech savvy and have experience in working with smart devices such as smart water leak detection systems. Gen Z and millennials are installing smart fixtures in their homes such as Bluetooth-operated shower heads, touchless faucets, and more. It is about time to embrace technology and get your workers to adapt to technology to offer better customer service.
  • Digital marketing – The demand for plumbing services is going to grow in the next five years. Incorporating digital marketing will help your company stand out from the crowd and create brand awareness. Today’s customers like reading reviews online before taking the services. According to a survey, over 90% of customers used the internet to find a local business last year with around 30% searching for them every day. You can leverage digital marketing to create targeted campaigns, cultivate online reviews, and increase conversion rates.
  • Personalization – Personalization is the most sought-after feature in this on-demand world. To elevate customer experience, you can provide customization options to the customers and let them check their appointments, download invoices, and more. Having plumbing software makes it easy to facilitate two-way communication. Customers can pay online hassle-free, modify bookings, track technicians’ arrival times, and more.    
  • Generate an additional stream of revenue – The plumbing business is not just about fixing pipes or unclogging toilets. Many plumbing companies are also installing smart fixtures, water conservation systems, HVAC units, sprinklers, and more. You can expand your business offerings to generate additional revenue. 

How to choose a plumbing software?

Choosing the right plumbing software for your business seems easier said than done. We have compiled a list of features that you can look for before zeroing in on the best plumbing software –

  • Access to mobile app: In a field business like plumbing, it is very important to have mobile access to check vital information then and there. An ideal plumbing software should be able to seamlessly work on a centralized mobile app that can be accessed by your workforce in a time of need.
  • Performance: Some plumbing software comes with a built-in performance tool that lets you analyze and track the performance of your employees and estimate jobs. Seeing real-time progress can come in handy in facilitating timekeeping.
  • Estimates and Payments: An ideal plumbing software should be able to issue accurate estimates to clients. This also makes purchases easy as clients can issue payments in a fast and easy manner through a compatible interface or device.
  • Inventory management: Your business can benefit from tracking material from storage and keeping an inventory check. Therefore, invest in plumbing software that helps you keep track of inventory in the system.
  • GPS tracking: Another useful feature to look for in a plumbing software is GPS tracking. This innovative feature will help you locate the material in real time and keep a tab on your employees as well.
  • Cloud-hosting: In today’s digital world, keeping the data in the cloud is the best way to secure it. With the cloud-based software, you can reduce the risks of the traditional system and access on-site functionality seamlessly. 
  • Text automation: Automation of texts is crucial for any business these days. It lets you communicate with your clients in advance and remind them of their appointments beforehand.
  • Intuitive interface: Your workforce might not be proficient in working on CRM software. Therefore, look for a plumbing software that has a user-friendly and intuitive interface for hassle-free usage.
  • Real-time notifications: To achieve faster response time and boost customer engagement, it is imperative to invest in plumbing software that can give real-time alerts. It is also useful in identifying a failure issue and correcting it in a timely manner. 


Don’t let your plumbing business lag behind because of crumpled schedules, messy paperwork, and chaotic operations. It is about time to invest in state-of-the-art plumbing software that helps in effortlessly scheduling appointments, managing logistics, and calculating bids, and streamlining tasks, among others. With affordable subscription options and the power of automation, Emitrr is a complete toolbox for your plumbing business. 

The smart assistant is laced with many useful features to help increase business revenue while saving time and useful resources. It is a very user-friendly and fully scalable software solution that offers unparalleled security and flexible customization options as per your unique business needs. You can access data across various devices and enjoy unbeatable uptime. For a business like plumbing that involves fieldwork and job complexities, Emitrr is a must-have solution.    

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