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House Cleaning Solutions saves 90% of its operational time with text automation


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The Background

House Cleaning Solutions, a successful maid service with a few employees, places communication at the center of its operations. However, relying on phones as the primary mode of communication proved to be challenging and time-consuming, particularly for a business that interacts with existing clients, leads, job applicants, and current employees daily. Despite efforts, phone calls required intensive work, consumed a lot of time, and overburdened the operations team. Additionally, the response rate of phone calls was relatively low, considering factors like customer availability, connectivity, and willingness to go through the entire piece of information shared.

Although House Cleaning Solutions had many satisfied customers over the years, requesting reviews from them was a cumbersome task. Sending manual review requests and following up with them was difficult, despite the importance of customer feedback to improve the business and attract prospective customers.

Automating Communication

Before Emitrr, House Cleaning Solutions used other texting and review automation software. However, the previous software had numerous issues and did not fulfill its purpose well. After switching to Emitrr, they were able to automate all their communication through text messaging, which was previously done through phone calls or emails. As a result, House Cleaning Solutions immediately saw a 45% increase in their response time. Customers now receive prompt responses to their texts and are aware that the company is attentive to their needs. Text messaging has made it easier to maintain the communication history of clients, and features like Notes have helped the team leave internal comments. With text automation, the team has saved 100+ working hours.

The management uses various features such as assigning conversations, sharing images, forwarding messages, and creating conversation folders to collaborate effectively with internal teams.

Automating Reviews

Before discovering Emitrr, House Cleaning Solutions used to manually request reviews from their customers. However, the previous system required significant manual effort and generated relatively low results. After implementing Emitrr’s pre-defined templates and automated review scheduler, House Cleaning Solutions saw a 40% increase in their revenue. Emitrr’s automatic review generation proved to be a cost-effective and efficient way for House Cleaning Solutions to generate accurate and relevant reviews quickly, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Automating Hiring Process

House Cleaning Solutions has streamlined its hiring process with the help of Emitrr. Now, applicants can easily fill out online forms and their communication details are automatically sent to Emitrr through Zapier integration. Emitrr sends automated messages to qualified applicants with further instructions and links to schedule interviews. Moreover, the team can utilize text messages to communicate job requirements, provide application instructions, and send job offers. Text messages are also used to conduct applicant satisfaction surveys regarding the job application process.

Overall Results

  • 45% increase in response time
  • 100+ working hours saved
  • 40% increase in revenue