What is Online Reputation Management?

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What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is nothing but building customer perception online. Let’s say that you run a dental practice. If a person needs to visit a dentist but has no clue as to which dental practice will be the best for him, he will do a quick google search for the best dentists in his vicinity and select the best one from the options that pop on the screen. 

If a customer is searching for a service that your business provides, how is he going to perceive its credibility? It’s simple, by your reputation. A lot of it has to do with the reviews and comments that people (past customers) leave about your business or service on social media. If they leave good reviews, you rank better and are at a good chance of attracting new customers. If they leave negative reviews, you need to manage those to be able to maintain your online reputation. 

But before we delve deep into the ways to enhance your online reputation, let’s take a look at the building blocks for a better understanding of this concept. 

Meaning of Online Reputation

Reputation isn’t just an outcome; it is a highly valuable and strategic asset, even more valuable than money. In the present digital world, where everything is governed by technology; it has become difficult to manage your reputation more than ever. 

Who needs online reputation management?

YOU. Or anyone who owns a business and is trying to establish its sound online presence. Whether you are a small business, just starting to build your customer base, or a large firm dealing with thousands of customers every month; managing your online reputation is of utmost importance. From healthcare providers to attorneys, from home service providers to real estate agents, from restaurants to investment advisers; everyone needs online reputation management. 

Let’s try to understand it from a customer’s point of view. The buying decisions of customers largely depend on the first impressions that they have of a particular brand or business. People’s buying decisions are based on their detailed research of products and services on the web. In such a case, your online reputation, whether on google search results, videos, images, or social media mentions, is something that you must protect, defend, and endorse. 

Factors that influence online reputation

With an effective online reputation management strategy in place, not only can you regulate how your brand is perceived by the world, but can also restore any value that you have lost along the way. 

The importance and need of Online Reputation Management 

The reason why you’re running a business in the first place is to generate revenue, reap profits, and become successful. But, how do you strive to achieve your goals? It’s simple: by creating good experiences for your customers. What consumers need is a good product/service that satisfies their needs and offers a stellar experience. These are the factors that determine the reputation of your business online. If a customer with good experience leaves a positive review for your business, you are likely to attract more customers. If a customer leaves a negative review for you, then you will know that you have room for improvement. 

Essentials of good online reputation

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

With a great online reputation, you will have an edge over your competitors and will be able to portray your business and services in a more authentic way. 

You gain the trust of your customers

When you’re running a business, credibility is an important factor. People who want to avail services or buy products approach companies that they can trust. If a customer hasn’t heard about your business before, he/she may not contact you. This is where online reputation comes into effect. With a couple of great reviews, you can build trustworthiness and hence attract more customers. 

You are subject to more search visibility


With a better online reputation, not only will you be able to gain more customers, but will also have the chance to rank higher on search results. What you need is a good SEO strategy in place. Since a majority of customers depend on online reviews to buy products and services, search engines factor those reviews into the SEO ranking of a business. So, considering that search engines use your information to help direct traffic to your site, your business must have enough reviews.

You generate more revenue 

The better your reputation, the more profitable will be your business. Did you know that a one percent increase in your review rating can create a 5-9 percent surge in your revenue?

That’s exactly how impactful reviews are. So make sure that you do create a great online reputation management strategy to enhance the visibility and profitability of your business. 

New to the concept? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

Here is an end-to-end strategy to manage your online reputation 

1.Evaluate your own image 

Do a basic google search of your business. To understand how your customers are reviewing your business, you need to be on your feet and see how you’re being perceived online. What kind of online presence does your brand have? Does your brand have a good presence on social media? What is the most obvious thing about your company that you come across? Is it something that needs to be enhanced? How can your company receive better feedback from customers? What can your business do with negative opinions? 

With the right combination of SEO tactics, feedback strategies, and content marketing plans; you can use this evaluation to create a stellar plan that gives your online reputation a sharp upheaval. 

2.Build better customer relationships 

Whenever you sell your product or service to your customers, make sure to ask them to review your product/service. Even if you have a few negative comments, the incoming positive reviews will eventually outweigh the negativity. Even if you get a bad review, always ensure to respond to it in a polite manner, starting with an apology and then followed by addressing their concerns. Doing so will not only throw in a good word for you online but will also draw in more customers. On average, a review of 3.3 or more is where the customers feel safe to engage with a business. To encourage your customers to leave a review, you can ask questions like: 

  • How would you rate our service? 
  • What kind of experience did you have with us? 
  • Did our product/service resolve your needs? 

3.Market your reviews 

When you have enough reviews that showcase your business in a positive light, make sure you show those reviews by sharing those on your social media as well as your website. These reviews will act as proof and will be valuable marketing items. So make sure that they don’t just appear on review sites but also on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

4.Use Search Engine Optimization 

When it comes to boosting your ranking on SERPs, SEO is all you need. With a strong SEO strategy at your disposal, you can have positive comments rank higher than negative ones and minimize the impact of bad coverage that might harm your business. To influence your reputation through SEO, you can build good quality content and use ample and relevant backlinks. 


Online reputation management isn’t something that can happen overnight or with the flick of a wand. It takes effort to constantly monitor your online presence, make repairs wherever necessary, and above all, deliver a good customer experience. With the Emitrr software, you can send review requests to your clients, and collect more reviews that will help establish the credibility of your business. 

Our capabilities for reputation management include : Review requests and Review Management. When you ask your customer to leave a review, you’re taking a step forward to enhance your service, and at the same time, you’re letting people know the kind of quality you deliver through the same. Through Emitrr, you can easily send review requests/invites to your customers. Also, you can see the number of requests sent, and the total reviews received, along with a detailed breakup of the reviews by their rating. Moreover, you can see the reviews that your customers have left for you and can get a fair idea of the total reviews as well as the average rating. All the reviews that you have for your business will be integrated into one single place so that you don’t have to hover over different sites or platforms. You can simply check your dashboard and reply to the comments or reviews from there itself. 

Need more help? Connect with us and add value to your business. 

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