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Josey Medical Clinic Saw Exponential Increase in Website Conversion with Emitrr’s Chat Widget


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The Background

Josey Medical Clinic is a healthcare facility located in San Antonio, Texas, that offers a range of medical services to patients. The clinic is staffed by a team of experienced healthcare professionals who provide a range of services, including primary care, urgent care, preventive care, and wellness services. Some of the specific services offered by the clinic include physical exams, immunizations, laboratory testing, chronic disease management, and minor procedures.

Effective patient communication is critical for healthcare providers to establish and maintain connections with their patients. In the past, the task of staying in touch with patients through phone calls was arduous and time-consuming, leading to high operational costs.

As Josey Medical Clinic operates in two locations, having access to operational data from both sites is crucial.

Automating Patient Communication

Emitrr’s text message automation has transformed patient communication at Josey Medical Clinic. With the platform’s automated bulk SMS, appointment reminders, booking, and patient intake process, the staff has saved valuable time previously spent making phone calls. Now, they can focus on providing top-quality healthcare while cutting down on operational costs. With Emitrr’s efficient automation, the staff can communicate essential information with patients promptly and seamlessly.

Automating Patient Reviews

Before implementing Emitrr, Josey Medical Clinic sent manual review requests, resulting in only a few reviews. However, with Emitrr’s review automation, the clinic can now automatically send review requests to patients after their visits. As a result, the clinic’s reviews have tripled, providing valuable feedback to help improve services and understand patient needs. Emitrr’s efficient feedback system has strengthened the clinic’s relationships with patients and enhanced their overall experience, leading to greater patient satisfaction.

Automating Website Conversions

Despite having a strong online presence, Josey Medical Clinic struggled to convert website visitors into patients. However, with the implementation of Emitrr’s chat widget, the clinic can now engage website visitors effectively and provide them with the necessary prompts to book appointments. The chat widget has made it easier for potential patients to connect with the clinic and schedule appointments seamlessly, increasing the clinic’s patient base and revenue. With Emitrr’s chat widget, Josey Medical Clinic can now provide a seamless and user-friendly online experience that converts visitors into patients.

Overall Results

  • 80+ Hours of manual work saved
  • 3x Growth in online reviews
  • 4x Website conversions