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Octomaids leverage texting for optimising operations of their cleaning business


Reduced Inbound Calls

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The Background

Octomaids is a full-service cleaning company that provides maid services, commercial cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and move-in and move-out cleaning. Octomaids is a fully family-owned and operated service. They have been awarded the best in Clark County for three consecutive years. They pride themselves on being reputable, dependable, ethical, licensed, and bonded. They also have a very low customer turnover rate because they send the same team for cleaning the same house every time, thus building trust among their clients.

Octomaids wanted a solution that would help remind their customers of their appointments. As they are a cleaning service, it was of utmost importance that their clients be aware of their upcoming appointments. If the clients happened to be not ready for their appointment, it resulted in the loss of their revenue. Octomaids was using an email reminder system before they partnered with Emitrr. They wanted a solution that would help them communicate with their clients through text.

With Emitrr they were able to start sending reminders through text messages which ensured that their clients read the messages and were not unaware about their upcoming appointments.

A few of their Goals with Emitrr included –

  • Leverage text reminders to inform their clients of upcoming appointments.
  • Improve search rankings by increasing review count and review response rates across Google, Facebook, and other review sites.
  • Utilize Emitrr’s interactions suite to easily communicate with customers via web chat and text for all missed calls/call overflow.

Products Used

  • Webchat
  • Texting
  • Missed Calls
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Reviews


Octomaids implemented Emitrr interactions in January 2021. For cleaning services to function at their optimal best, their clients need to be in complete sync. They wanted a platform that could bring in all client communications at once place. By implementing Emitrr Interactions, the Client Contact Center can now reach out via chat and text to both potential and existing customers. Because the same team answers the phones, Emitrr’s ability to convert a webchat or missed voicemail/call into a text conversation was a perfect fit. Octomaids now handles all leads exclusively through Emitrr. The process is simple: the centralized customer contact center receives the webchat and manages the communications. The team can answer questions, send paperwork or make appointments through webchat.

Webchat, Texting, and Missed Calls

Octomaids wanted to integrate the texting service into all their functions. This meant that the queries they received on their webchat could also be converted into a text conversation.

They were able to resolve queries quicker through instant communication with the clients.

Octomaids was also missing about 20 calls a day. Most times they were not able to get back to these clients. This translated to a potential loss in their revenue. Octomaids wanted to provide another touchpoint for customers to reach out using the methods they prefer, including text and chat. They decided to add Emitrr’s Interactions product to boost client communication. So every time a call was missed, it was immediately followed up with a text.

Through this feat, they were completely able to move their customer communication to text. Their inbound call volume was reduced by 50% and they were able to handle 100% of their calls.

Reviews and Reminders

Another one of the goals for Octomaids was to improve its presence on the web. This meant that they needed to generate numerous good-quality reviews. They used Emitrr’s Review request capabilities to send out review requests to their clients through text. It allowed them to monitor their review requests under one dashboard and see how their campaign was performing. They were able to generate 40% reviews using Emitrr’s product and establish a good online presence.

Octomaids was using an Email based reminder system to inform clients of their appointments. For cleaning services at home, clients generally provided their personal email address, which was at most times not checked regularly. This meant that they missed the reminders sent by Octomaids. To counter this problem, Octomaids wanted to create more touchpoints with their clients that would ensure that they read their reminder messages.

With the success of texting for missed calls and webchat, they wanted to use it for reminders too. Text reminders were a complete success as Octomaids was now able to entirely manage appointments through SMS. No-shows were reduced exponentially and customers always kept up with their appointments. Octomaids has now entirely shifted to text-based communications as a solution for their missed calls, appointment reminders, webchat, and reviews.

Overall Results

  • Octomaids saw the following results:
  • 50% reduction in inbound call volume
  • 100% of calls answered