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SPA Creek Health Enhanced 3x Website Conversions using Emitrr’s Chat Widget


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The Background

Spa Creek Health is a leading provider of dentistry and podiatry care for assisted living and memory care communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. They provide treatment to patients within communities while coordinating with the communities and their families.

Given its unique customer base, the business requires communication with extra stakeholders, such as patients’ families, patients themselves, and their communities. This is unlike typical healthcare practices, which usually only require communication with patients themselves. All relevant stakeholders must have updated information regarding fees, insurance plans, appointment timings, and appointment details leading up to an appointment.

Working with seniors adds a logistical complexity as they are not the decision-makers regarding their treatment. Approval for treatment must come from a third party.

Automating Stakeholder Communication

Text messaging has helped Spa Creek Health to communicate all relevant information to each stakeholder at the right time. Before discovering Emitrr, their daily operations involved the team making numerous phone calls and manually sending texts and emails. The Emitrr platform transformed its operations by automating processes such as texting, appointment booking, patient intake, and appointment reminders. This automation saved 2 hours per day of their staff’s time, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks.

Automating Website Conversions

Spa Creek Health experienced low website conversion rates, as many visitors remained unengaged and failed to take action. However, after implementing Emitrr’s chat widget, they were able to directly engage with visitors and increase appointment bookings. The chat widget prompted visitors to book appointments, resulting in record-breaking 3x website conversions.

Automating Team Communications

The company needs to keep its team and healthcare providers informed about schedules and appointment details. Emitrr has made it easier to automatically notify the entire team and healthcare providers, resulting in time savings and improved communication.

Overall Results

  • Time Saved – 2hrs/day
  • 3x Website Conversions