Cavity Clearance Form



Removing dental decay, preventing infection, preserving tooth structure, offering restorative treatment, and alleviating pain are some of the key aspects of dental care. Dental practitioners provide oral care in a way that helps patients maintain their smile and avoid any dental problems in the future. While there are multiple problems associated with dental health, cavities are the most common.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 90% of adults aged 20 and older have atleast one cavity. Hence in order to perform any dental procedure, it is important to first examine the cavity pockets and also get the informed consent of the patient. For the same, dental professionals use the Cavity Clearance Form. 

What is a Cavity Clearance Form?

A Cavity Clearance Form is a document that dental professionals use to record important information related to the clearance of dental cavities in patients. It must be filled out before the treatment to assess patient history and plan treatment accordingly. Only when a clearance is given, the treatment can be performed. While the dental examiner records all the clearance details in the Cavity Clearance Form, the patient gives their informed consent. 

Who fills a Cavity Clearance Form?

The form has to be filled out by both the dental examiner and the patient. The dental examiner takes note of all the clearance details such as the type of cavity, its description, the date of clearance, and examination findings.

The clearance approval given by the dental examiner reflects the condition and clearance of the mentioned cavity. After recording all the findings, the form is sent to the patient to get their informed consent. 

Why is a Cavity Clearance Form necessary?

It is important to get the clearance signatures of patients prior to performing dental work. Documenting all important information pertaining to cavities helps in the provision of effective dental care, allows dental practitioners to offer better treatment and follow-up care, and also contributes largely to continuity of care and quality assurance efforts.

While implementing such a form is important, it is equally crucial to make the form-filling process less cumbersome and more efficient from an operational perspective. This is when digitization comes into the picture.

Let’s explore why digitizing this form is important and how it can ease out processes for you as a front desk manager or a dental practitioner. 

Why should you digitize the Cavity Clearance Form?

Here are some key reasons why you must digitize the Cavity Clearance Form: 

  1. Digitizing the form will save you hours worth of daily time, as you wouldn’t have to perform the cumbersome process of downloading the form, getting it filled, scanning it, and uploading it on the system. You can simply send the electronic form to the examiner and the patient and get it filled! 
  2. Since the form is digital, any errors can be rectified easily, which also means that there is less re-work. You can direct all this time and effort saved towards more important tasks at the dental practice. 
  3. Your patients need not physically visit the clinic just to sign on the form; they can upload their signature and sign the form electronically. This means no more filling forms in the waiting room
  4. You can customize the flow of the form; every form that gets filled gets updated into the dental software automatically. 

How should you digitize the Cavity Clearance Form? Best practices to follow 

If you decide to digitize the Cavity Clearance Form, make sure to keep these things in mind: 

  1. Send the form to the patient through a link in a text message or an email. Do not ask them open their patient portal and access the link from there. Make sure that it is easier for them to access the form. The easier it is the more responsive the patient will be. 
  2. Design the form in such a way that it is compatible with all kinds of operating systems and devices
  3. If the patient hasn’t filled the form, send them text reminders and follow-up messages to ensure that they respond timely. 
  4. Make sure to remind the patient to carefully read the examiner’s findings before giving their consent, and allow them to reach out to you if they have any doubts

How can you digitize the Cavity Clearance Form with Emitrr? 

Emitrr is a HIPAA-compliant form builder and texting app that allows you to digitize all your forms. Here’s how you can use Emitrr to make your operations more seamless: 

  1. You can customize the available form as per your requirements and download it for free. Alternatively, if you already have a form that you need to digitize, you can get that done absolutely free of charge. 
  2. With the digitized form, you can simply send it as a link in a text message and schedule text reminders and follow up messages to ensure that the patient fills up the form timely. 
  3. You can integrate this form with your dental software through Emitrr. To see if Emitrr integrates with your dental software, check this list:
  4. This form is designed to be device compatible, which means your patients can easily access the form and upload their signatures without any hassle. 

If you wish to save time and enhance operational workflow, then it is time you digitize the Cavity Clearance Form. Reach out to us and get your medical forms digitized free of cost!