Fillings Consent Form



Getting patient consent is a crucial part of providing patient-centered care and ensuring that the patients remain active participants in their own treatment process. Any ignorance on that part can lead to legal complications and can also harm your practice as a whole. 

Dental treatments also need to be performed after acquiring the written consent of the patient to ensure that there are no gaps in communication and the patient is well on board with the suggested treatment. 

For a procedure like dental fillings, you need to take the patient’s informed consent to make sure that both parties are on the same page. For that, you need your patient to sign a Fillings Consent Form

What is a Fillings Consent Form? 

A Fillings Consent Form is a medical form that is used by doctors to get the consent of the patient before performing a dental fillings procedure. This form outlines the details of the fillings procedure, the benefits of the same and the risks involved, and alternative options. 

As a part of this form, the patient has to give their consent broadly to the following: 

  • They have understood the treatment and its purpose and are undergoing it voluntarily
  • They are aware of the benefits and risks associated with the treatment 
  • They have been able to clear their doubts pertaining to the treatment and all their questions have been addressed 
  • They have discussed the alternative treatments available as well
  • They authorize the doctor and their associates to perform the treatment and also agree to the provision of anesthetic medication prior to the treatment  

Getting patient consent is important for a procedure like dental fillings because though the treatment serves to restore the tooth and improve oral health, there are certain risks associated with it. In such a case, if the treatment doesn’t go as planned, the patient can sue the dentist for medical malpractice. To avoid such legal trouble, the Fillings Consent Form protects the rights of the patient as well as the dentist. 

If you’re a front desk manager or a dental practitioner struggling with maintaining the flow of Fillings Consent Forms signed by the patients, then it is time you go digital. 

Why should you digitize the Fillings Consent Form? 

Digitizing the form would mean getting rid of the paper forms altogether and making the entire form-sharing and collection process paperless. 

Here are some key reasons why digitizing the Fillings Consent Form is important: 

  1. Since you don’t have to download and print the paper form, send it to the patient to get their consent and signature, and scan and upload it into the system; you save 3-4 hours of time every day. This saved time can be directed towards tasks that need more attention. 
  2. Since the form is digital, there are fewer chances of error and less rework required. If there are any edits required, they can be made in a couple of minutes without any hassle. 
  3. The digital form cannot be lost, damaged, stolen, or accessed by unauthorized personnel; unlike its paper counterpart. 
  4. In case you need to share the form with the patient, or their family member, or refer to it yourself; you won’t have to shuffle through stacks of paper to find the form. You can simply access it on your dental software/EHR.  

How to digitize the Fillings Consent Form? Key best practices to follow

If you’re convinced and want to digitize your Fillings Consent Form, then here are some ways to do that: 

  1. Send the form to the patient as soon as you complete the appointment and have discussed the dental filling treatment with them. You can send the form as a link in a text message or an email, ensuring that they can easily access the form. 
  2. Ask the patient to read the form carefully before signing it, and allow them to reach out to you via text if they have any questions. Make sure to send the form and answer questions through secure texting
  3. Send text reminders and follow-up messages to ensure that the patient fills out the form timely. 
  4. Ask the patient to also upload the signature on the form, which means that won’t have to visit physically to sign the consent form. They can do it in the comfort of their home, at their own convenience. 
  5. Make sure that the form is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems.  

How can you digitize the Fillings Consent Form with Emitrr? 

Here’s how Emitrr can assist you in digitizing your Fillings Consent Form: 

  1. You can either download and customize the form available here as per your requirements, or you can send us your Fillings Consent Form which we will digitize absolutely free of cost. 
  2. You can sign up with Emitrr to streamline the entire process of sending and receiving forms, including sending automated text reminders and follow-up messages
  3. Since Emitrr is a HIPAA-compliant texting app, you need not worry about sharing PHI over text messages. 
  4. Emitrr integrates with a plethora of dental software, which can help you manage the flow of the forms. Check out to see if we integrate with your dental software here:  

Note: The form available here is a standard format. Please consider the legal requirements of your jurisdictions before using this form and edit accordingly. 

All in all, digitizing your form will help you save a lot of time, help you achieve operational efficiency, and also improve patient experience and overall patient journey. Connect with us to get your forms digitized now!