MRI Form



Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of screening procedures is crucial to achieving good patient experience and satisfaction. For diagnosing and detecting disease within the patient’s body, MRI is a popular technique that helps doctors get a clear picture of the patient’s body and overall health. 

However, to be able to conduct this screening efficiently, it is vital to ensure the safety of the patient in an MRI environment and to make any necessary adjustments as applicable before the patient gets an MRI scan. To do so, all facilities are required to get MRI forms filled out and signed by the patient. 

Let’s understand what an MRI form contains, why it needs to be digitized, and how you can streamline operations with a digital MRI form in the sections that follow! 

What Is An MRI Screening Form? 

An MRI Screening Form is an important document that is used by doctors to gather all important information regarding a patient’s medical history, current health status, and potential risks that could affect the effectiveness of the procedure. 

These risks or conditions include previous surgeries, pregnancy, any metal implants, chronic medical conditions, medications, claustrophobia, allergies, etc. 

This MRI form is filled out and signed by the patient and is important because it gives the doctor a clear idea about the patient’s current and past health. 

It allows the facility to make the necessary adjustments to the MRI procedure for the patient as per the information provided in the form. The main goal of the form is to ensure the patient’s safety before they go for an MRI scan. 

As a radiologist or a front desk manager, do you often make your patients fill out the forms in the waiting room? Well, it is time you go paperless. 

Why Should You Digitize The MRI Forms? 

Here are some advantages of using electronic forms instead of paper forms: 

  1. Your patient can fill the form easily on their tab, computer, or mobile phone at the convenience of their home. They need not visit the facility just to fill out the form. 
  2. You can access the filled-out forms as and when required. This easy accessibility facilitates faster decision-making. 
  3. You can integrate the digital MRI form with your EHR, which will help you streamline all clinical data.
  4. Implementing validation checks and required fields on the digital form will ensure fewer errors and less rework
  5. You can easily send out the form to the patient, which eliminates the entire process of scanning, printing, and uploading the form. This will help you save a lot of time that can be dedicated to more important tasks at hand. 

How To Digitize the MRI Screening Form? Key Best Practices To Follow 

  1. As soon as the patient agrees to get an MRI scan done, send the form to them. You can either send them a text message or an email containing the form link. (Pro tip: Text messages have a read rate of 98%. If you want faster responses, send the form via text)
  2. Make sure to tell the patient to read the form carefully and fill in all the details. Ask them to reach out in case they have any questions. 
  3. Give the patient a deadline to complete the form. You can send them text reminders and follow up with them continuously. 
  4. Make sure that the MRI form is compatible with all devices and operating systems so that the patients can easily fill out the form and upload their digital signatures. 
  5. The digital form should be such that it integrates easily with your EHR, thereby saving you the effort of manually uploading the form to the system. 

How Can You Digitize The MRI Form Through Emitrr? 

Emitrr offers seamless digitization of forms, to help you avoid the hassle of dealing with paper forms. Here’s how: 

  1. You can download the form available here and tweak it as per the requirements of your facility. 
  2. Alternatively, you can send us your paper MRI form, and we will digitize it for you free of charge
  3. If you sign up with Emitrr’s business texting services, then you can even let go of the hassle of following up with patients every now and then. You can schedule reminder messages so that your patients fill out and send the form on time
  4. Emitrr also integrates with a plethora of EHRs, which can help you big time. Check out if Emitrr integrates with yours here: 
  5. If your patients have any questions regarding the form, or if they send you the form back with all the details; Emitrr’s secure text messaging feature will ensure that your chats are encrypted and have no risk of interception

If you are looking forward to saving 3-4 hours of daily time, enhancing the productivity of the overall facility, and ensuring a smooth flow of operations; then you need to digitize your forms! Reach out to us and get your medical forms digitized for free!