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What is call pop?

What is call pop? Call pop is a capability used by call center agents or by the front desk that enables them to access customer information for every incoming call through a pop-up agent that summarises important customer details. Call … Read More

20 Women Leaders In Eye Care

Women have been increasingly filling up the Optometry College Seats, accounting for about 50% of the total student enrollment. However, there has been a significant gap in the percentage of women taking up leadership positions in the field. We at … Read More

Average Handle Time

What is AHT?

Average Handle Time Time is of utmost essence when it comes to call centres. Valuing your callers time as well as your organization’s is very important and needs to be a call centre’s top priority. A caller who is able … Read More

Top 20 Call Centre KPIs

Top 20 Call Centre KPIs

What are some Call Centre KPIs?   Call Centre KPI can be seen as the guiding light for any call centre.KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. They help the call centre perform at its best by providing valuable insights. These … Read More

Abandoned Calls

What are Abandoned Calls?

Abandoned Calls What are Abandoned Calls?  Abandoned calls are calls which are abandoned or disconnected by the caller before reaching/connecting with the agent. Call may have been abandoned by the caller due to excessive wait time in the queue or … Read More

Automatic Call Distributor

What is an Automatic Call Distributor?

    What is an Automatic Call Distributor?  If you are in the call centre business, ACD is a term you must have familiarized yourself with.It is ,after all, the backbone of any call centre and is one of the call centre … Read More

contact centre terminologies-100|Emitrr

100 Contact Centre Terminologies You Cannot Miss

What is Contact Centre Terminology?  Contact Centre Terminology or simply put Call Centre Terminology is a list of contact centre terms that are used in the day to day communication with contact centre stake holders to refer operations aspects of … Read More

5 Lessons DSO Leaders Can Take From Settlers Of Catan

What can leaders in the dental industry learn from settlers of catan? Last month, Our team at Emitrr spent some time at my place in New Jersey and for those of you who don’t know, we all enjoy board games. … Read More

10 Ways To Use Text Messaging For Your Dental Office

Text messaging communication has proven a boon for dental practices. Out of all communication means, text messaging reigns supreme. You must know how to properly leverage its advantages. Has it happened that previous methods of your dental office text messaging … Read More

How To Handle Missed Calls For Your Dental Practice

Whether you like it or not, communication over the phone is here to stay. Even when businesses all around the world tend to be picking up more technologically advanced means of communication, the phone call remains one of the most … Read More