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Why should dental practices partner with marketing agencies?

Why should dental practices partner with marketing agencies?

Why should dental practices partner with marketing agencies? It’s no news that acquiring and retaining patients is what keeps the wheels in a healthcare practice moving. The right help sets the wheels in motion and the right help here is … Read More

Patient Recall

What is Patient Recall and why should you pay attention to it?

What is patient recall and why should you pay attention to it? Do you want your patients to keep coming back to your practice? If the answer is yes, as it should be, then you need to have a very … Read More

4 Dental Clinic Tasks You Can-And Should-Automate

Admittedly, there are more financial barriers to dental care than other kinds of healthcare, and, consequently, an estimated 37 million Americans don’t have dental insurance. But as technology improves over time, so do the possibilities for dental innovation. This is expected … Read More

Appointment Reminders | Best Practices

Best Practices for Appointment Reminders

Reducing no-shows and keeping appointment slots booked are probably some of the most painstaking things in a healthcare practice. To keep your practice up and running, you need your patients to show up. Appointment reminders will help you curb these … Read More

SMS Appointment Reminders

Why should you use SMS Reminders?

SMS reminders are a great way to ensure that your patients are well informed about their upcoming appointments.If you run your own healthcare practice you probably detest no-shows and cancellations, as you know how much loss of revenue they generate. … Read More

Online Patient Forms

What are online patient forms?

Being greeted with a pen and paper and a clipboard is probably one of the most frustrating parts of visiting a healthcare practice. Even when all other industries seem to have taken a shift by embracing technology, the healthcare industry … Read More

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

What are appointment reminders? With everyone being busy and occupied in one’s life, it is only natural that few important things slip from the crack and down into oblivion. As dramatic as that might sound, it holds true as most … Read More

Call Quality Monitoring Guide

Guide to Call Quality Monitoring in the Call Center

The age-old adage ‘customer is king’ has stood the test of time because treating the customer as a king has always produced favorable results. Keeping this in mind, it has become very important for contact centers to provide quality service … Read More

Call Pop | Screen Pop

What is call pop?

What is call pop? Call pop is a capability used by call center agents or by the front desk that enables them to access customer information for every incoming call through a pop-up agent that summarises important customer details. Call … Read More

Top 20 Women Leaders in Eyecare

20 Women Leaders In Eye Care

Women have been increasingly filling up the Optometry College Seats, accounting for about 50% of the total student enrollment. However, there has been a significant gap in the percentage of women taking up leadership positions in the field. We at … Read More